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Tales from a Tesla Model S at 200k miles

Tesloop’s first vehicle, a Tesla Model S they put into service in July 2015, has reached a new milestone: 200,000 miles on the odometer. Tesloop, you’ll recall, 608 more words


Tesla Looks Further Towards The Future.

Tesla has announced a new, over the air, software upgrade, for the Model S and Model X. This brings a new, redesigned, User Interface (UI) to the massive touchscreen. 628 more words


The Semi-Secure Tesla Model S

Prior to yesterday, I hadn’t ever heard of a car manufacturing company named Tesla. I was aware of the Tesla tower and Nikola Tesla, but not of the popular car company. 234 more words


Prius V vs Outlander PHEV: test drive of a hybrid vs a plug-in hybrid

With my new job starting soon, I’ll have a 108 km round trip to work, rather than the 45 km I’ve done previously.  I’ve come to the sad realisation that my Nissan Leaf doesn’t have the range to make it to work and back without recharging.   724 more words

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Watch Rimac Concept One Beat Ferrari LaFerrari And Tesla Model S 90D In A Drag Race!

Five years since Rimac Automobili revealed the Concept One electric supercar at the Frankfurt Motor Show we finally witness its supercar capabilities in this video, where it is pitted against the current green-peace superhero, the Tesla Model S 90D and the technologically-advanced Italian hypercar, the Ferrari LaFerrari. 275 more words

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Ned Jasper | Tesla Model S 90 P90D

The Tesla Model S is kind of a big deal. No, scrap that, it’s a massive deal. We’ve heard from The Tame Geek when he drove one, but what is it like to be a passenger in the fastest four-door in the world? 990 more words


Reviews - Non-fiction Monday!

I’ve been trying to find and read a larger variety of children’s non-fiction books. I was sent some non-fiction books from Rourke Educational Media (visit the publisher’s website… 376 more words

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