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Tesla Model S driver crashes into a van while on Autopilot [Video]

A Tesla Model S driver published a video of his car crashing into a van while on Autopilot which acts as a great PSA to remind Tesla drivers not to always rely on the Autopilot and be ready to take control at all time. 454 more words


Tesla Motors to 'massively' expand supercharger network in Ontario and Quebec

Tesla Motors is giving its network of high-powered charging stations in Ontario and Quebec a serious jolt.

The California-based carmaker announced Wednesday it plans to add five new charging locations to the 10 already installed in eastern Canada by the end of the summer. 175 more words


A zombie-themed Tesla Model S to blend in during the apocalypse [Gallery]

Elon Musk once said that Tesla’s fleet of vehicles is ‘zombie apocalypse proof’ because the Supercharger network is connected to solar power installations, so even if the grid goes down , you’d be able to travel. 213 more words


Tesla Model S driver caught sleeping at the wheel while on Autopilot [Video]

While daily commuters could relatively soon be able to fall asleep in their car and wake up at their destination, currently there’s no commercially available autonomous driving system that allow so little control over a vehicle – even Tesla’s fairly advanced semi autonomous system: the Autopilot. 254 more words


New Model S owner blocks ChargePoint EV charging space

There is a brand new charging location in Franklin TN at the McEwan Building. It went live last week so I ran over there to check it out and see if there is a fee to use the stations or not (there isn’t they are free). 305 more words

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A Tesla Model S with a 80% lighter battery pack to compete at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb [Updated]

In June, Pikes Peak will hold the 100th edition of its world-famous hill climb competition. Its centenary will not be the only thing that will make the race special, but also a modified Tesla Model S that will take on the hill climb with its driver, Blake Fuller, having the record in mind. 414 more words


Tesla Model S owner finds an interesting way to stop joyrides with 'Valet mode'

A Tesla Model S owner in the UK, inspired by recent reported instances of service people and valets going on joyrides with vehicles in their care, decided to create an alert to try to deter any potential misuses of the vehicle. 267 more words