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2018: the take-off for Electric Driving?

Recently, various automotive companies announced their new breakthrough electric vehicles combining moderate cost and impressive range. Typically, the market seems to prepare itself for a 35k$/€ car with 200 miles (300km) range. 284 more words

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This Tesla Model S Easter Egg Lets You Be James Bond

The Tesla Model S is one helluva car – but it can’t do everything. It can’t recharge as fast as you could fill a tank of gas. 206 more words


The List of the Best Cars in America

“Consumer Reports” just released their annual list of the 10 best cars in America, and three of them are actually AMERICAN cars this time.  Both of my cars are Toyota’s I love them! 60 more words


Porsche to produce a 300+ mile, four door fully electric car. A feather in their cap or another big fish?

At first glance, the 300+ miles range seems plausible, considering the Tesla Model S has a range of 265 miles.  But considering the fact that the next closest competitor to the Model S in terms of range is the RAV4 EV is 103 miles, one may be inclined to think that Porsche may be shooting for the moon at this point. 102 more words

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Elon Musk wants to spend a "staggering" amount of shareholders' money at Tesla

“We’re going to spend staggering amounts of money,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk declared last week on an earnings call. Not many CEOs would speak with as much candor about how they plan to use their shareholders’ capital. 420 more words

Green Lake’s newest feature: Just plug it in

TESLA MODEL S owners can recharge their vehicles in Green Lake.  submitted photo

People usually take vacations to “recharge.”
Now in Green Lake, electric cars can, too. 326 more words

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Just because Clarkson looked a prat charging the BMW i8 doesn't mean you have be the same in a Tesla

If you watched Clarkson faffing around comedy style with an charge point for the BMW i8 on Top Gear then you might be put off electric cars for good. 253 more words