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Tesla Model S test vehicle with multiple cameras spotted near San Francisco

Redditor silasoverturf spotted an interesting Tesla test vehicle at the Corte Madera store. The vehicle seems to be equipped with at least 6 cameras and 2 different sensors. 181 more words


Lit Motors’ self-balancing fully electric motorcycle-car hybrid

Lit Motors is using the placeholder name ”C-1” for their electric vehicle that can be best described as a self-balancing motorcycle-car hybrid.  It is a two-wheeled fully enclosed vehicle with car-like safety features such as airbags and seat belts, but what truly makes it a motorcycle-car hybrid is its self-balancing technology. 502 more words


Tesla Motors: Автомобилскиот пазар освоен, на ред се домаќинстватаhttp://automedia.mk/?p=15727

Калифорнискиот производител на електрични автомобили Tesla Motors ќе им ги продава своите батерии и на домаќинствата и на фирмите. Во нив ќе може да се акумулира енергија произведена од соларни колектори или ветерници и ќе стои на располагање за подоцнежна примена. Во пробниот период, Tesla веќе …

Total cost of an installed Tesla Powerwall battery pack is $7,140, SolarCity says

Thursday night, Tesla unveiled its home battery system starting at $3,000 for a 7kWh pack. Tesla also offers a 10kWh pack for $3,500. These prices don’t include the inverter nor the installation. 115 more words

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Elon Musk Joins The Avengers

Watch Tony Stark Elon Musk Present the Future of Energy

You’re 13 years old and reading a Marvel comic. Iron Man is smart, rich, charming, and has built an enterprise on renewable energy and is using his technology to save the world. 232 more words


SolarCity will offer home owners in Hawaii the option to go completely off-grid using Tesla's new battery packs

Following Tesla’s introduction of a new selection of battery packs for residential, commercial and industrial use, SolarCity announced the integration of these batteries to their solar system offering. 187 more words

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