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Tesla Gigafactory 1: new aerial picture shows latest progress at the battery factory

Three years into the project, Tesla’s Gigafactory 1 in Nevada is now more than 2 months into its first battery cell production. The factory is also now producing both Powerpack 2 and Powerwall 2 battery packs for stationary energy storage to use those new cells and finally, it is preparing for the start of Model…

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Tesla Model 3 will give ‘superhuman’ safety to driver and be ’10x safer than current cars’, says Tesla analyst Adam Jonas

Even though Tesla CEO Elon Musk already announced that the company aims for the Model 3 to score 5 stars in every safety category, Morgan Stanley’s Tesla analyst Adam Jonas says that the vehicle’s safety could be an underrated feature that will give the vehicle a competitive edge.

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Tesla Model 3: Elon Musk explains how the delivery process will work

There are a lot of things that are expected to change for Tesla with the upcoming massive increase in the number of vehicles in its fleet due to the launch of the Model 3.

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Tesla Model 3 ‘release candidates’ are currently being built – Musk notes ‘almost entirely built with production tooling’

We recently reported that Tesla disclosed being currently in the process of building Model 3 “beta prototypes” ahead of the start of production in July. We mentioned that they are cutting it close with just 4 months left before production, but we now learn that they are actually referring to those vehicles as “release candidates”.…

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2170 cell production diagram. Gigafactory 1.

Powerwall 2. Model 3 Battery pack. Energy Storage Products. Panasonic Li-ion 2170 cells

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Tesla Gigafactory: Rare picture from inside production floor via new supplier

Tesla and Panasonic are not the only two companies working at ‘Gigafactotry 1’ in Nevada. Tesla set up the battery factory to house several suppliers who are part of the supply chain of li-ion batteries.

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