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Tesla Roadster spotted in Nashville

With only 2,450 Roadsters sold worldwide, it is very rare to see one in person. Anywhere. Never mind Nashville. It’s thought only 1,500 Roadsters were sold in the US. 169 more words

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Tesla Will Build World's Largest Battery in Australia, Promises Elon Musk

  • Tesla will build world’s largest lithium-ion battery within 100 days
  • The company promised to ease South Australia’s energy woes
  • Tesla has built the world’s current largest battery in California …
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Tesla Roadster Y Study Is An Electric Road Toy

Despite the fact that Tesla hasn’t shared much about its up and coming second-era Roadster demonstrate, organization manager Elon Musk has effectively conveyed maybe a couple insights.


This is no season for cocoon cars

If you read this paraphrased interview with Franz von Holzhausen, you’ll just know that Tesla is plotting a Roadster revival for sure. That’s important, for the one thing missing from the Tesla experience is sensory stimulation — with the exception of g-force. 401 more words


Tesla will now charge to use its Supercharger network to expand it (and because people are irrational)

Tesla will no longer offer free lifetime electricity from its charging stations to new Tesla owners. The company announced on Nov. 7 that it plans to charge a small fee for new Tesla owners to recharge at Superchargers so the company can reinvest in its network, improve the Supercharging experience, and accelerate growth. 307 more words

Working For Elon Musk

One of my favorite types of science fiction character is found in the books of Ben Bova; a business mogul who through brilliance, hard work, and the force of personality drives mankind to a whole new level in areas such as commercializing space, colonizing the stars, battling governments, and thwarting competitors. 1,817 more words