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Top 10 Fastest Electric Cars in World 2018 (Including New Tesla Roadster)

Just a couple of years ago all of the top speed and acceleration competitions were mostly conducted between gasoline guzzling four-wheelers, while electric cars, maybe with the exception of Teslas, were laughed at for their lack of power and slow speeds. 49 more words


The Tesla Roadster is now the world's quickest supercar

On November 16th, during the release of the new Tesla semi truck, Tesla also released a new electric supercar, which also happens to be Tesla’s fastest car yet, the Tesla Roadster 2020. 680 more words


Tesla Roadster - OBD II

Adventures in playing with a dead/damaged Tesla Roadster 1.5.

OBD II port

In the driver’s foot well there is an OBD II port (on the side towards the center-line of the car). 82 more words

Tesla Roadster

Here’s the Capsule That Will Take Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster to Mars

SpaceX’s long-awaited Falcon Heavy launch vehicle is perhaps the company’s most enigmatic invention. First there was the series of launch delays, then the question of whether or not  398 more words


Is SpaceX Sending a Tesla Roadster to Mars? We’ll Believe It When We See It.


In what seems like a true space oddity, Elon Musk supposedly plans to send his own original cherry Tesla Roadster to a space odyssey to Mars. 573 more words


Tesla Roadster - Transmission lock

Adventures in playing with a dead/damaged Tesla Roadster 1.5.

Transmission Control Module

At the back of the car, under the rear-most bottom shield is an easily accessible “Module Transmission Control” part number 6002793. 353 more words

Tesla Roadster

Tesla Roadster - Powering up the cabin

Adventures in playing with a dead/damaged Tesla Roadster 1.5.

The cabin / main 12V power can be powered up by connecting a 12V battery to the ABS fuse point and the chassis. 180 more words

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