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My Favorite Things: Exam Week Edition

Raindrops while walking and cold breezes blowing,

Spring stopped arriving and winters not stopping,

Looks like this cold weather is here to stay,

Just like exam week it won’t go away! 124 more words

College Life

78. Results Tomorrow

“And what is this axis supposed to be labelled?”

“Uh… Evil?”

Today we completed our crash course on a set of IT service management practices. We crammed as many business initialisms, IT terms, and charts as we could into our brains over three days.

35 more words
Writing 2015

TEST ANXIETY anyone? I feel F.I.N.E


1.) Feel Prepared, find several ways to study!

2.) Have a good nights rest.

3.) Eat Healthy.

As midterms arrive I have to remind myself to not be F.I.N.E (FUCKED UP, INSECURE, NEUROTIC and EMOTIONAL). 99 more words



As an educator, I have come in contact with a number of students over the years who experience test anxiety. According to the ADAA or the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, people experience test anxiety because they fear failure, feel unprepared, or have previously had a bad testing experience that led to poor testing history. 1,257 more words

Once More into the Midterm Breach

Less than an hour away from my first big test in my return to college. Over the years I’ve learned I’m not the kind of person who can sit and study for tests. 98 more words

Back To School

Tips to Ease Test Anxiety

My SmartBlog on Education article for 03.06.15

I distinctly remember one terrible part of my unremarkable years of playing softball. During practice, I could hit the ball far enough for at least a base hit. 1,148 more words

Language Arts

Test Anxiety: A reality today

Test anxiety. It has become a very common word around schools lately. A child who is seemingly well prepared, completes homework on time, and works hard arrives to take a test but is unable to. 602 more words