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Why The SAT/ACT Is A Numbers Game (Not Just The Math Section Either)

Scoring high on the SAT or ACT has more to do with demystifying the test than it does with actual math and English comprehension.

Did you know the test makers create the assessment for students to get problems wrong? 236 more words

Test Prep

Five Principles of Academic Buoyancy

1. What is Academic Buoyancy?

Academic buoyancy is the ability to successfully deal with academic setbacks and challenges that are typical of the ordinary course of school life… 321 more words


Does the modern education system really kill creativity? – A student’s perspective

Knowing that it will be all I will be doing for the next two weeks, the idea of sitting down and writing an essay repulses me. 2,151 more words


Tips for Finals and Culminating Projects

I am in grade 11 in high school and because of that, I do eight exams and culminating projects every school year usually. This work comes along with stress, anxiety, disorganization, procrastination etc. 892 more words

Highschool Culminatings

Why Anxiety Makes It Difficult to Recall Information

(But Not To Form New Memories).

There remains clear evidence from multiple studies that high levels of anxiety can impair memory function. However, this impairment appears to only impact recall and has either neutral or beneficial impact on memory encoding (the process by which new information is stored). 519 more words


Test Anxiety

Initial Release Date: 17-12-2017

Last Updated: 17-12-2017

“Test anxiety is a combination of physiological over-arousal, tension and somatic symptoms, along with worry, dread, fear of failure, and catastrophizing, that occur before or during test situations.” 194 more words


"I feel so anxious right now!" Coping with Finals

By Samantha Kolkey

Around this time of year, our students on academic paths are preparing for and taking their final exams.  They have worked so hard, and must overcome this last obstacle for their semester/quarter/trimester. 342 more words