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TEST ANXIETY – Do You Have It?

It seems that no matter how hard we prepare for a test sometimes we just can’t help getting test anxiety.  Whether it’s not being able to eat or sleep or your mind just goes blank, everyone at some time has experienced a level of discomfort when taking a test. 162 more words

Test Anxiety on the LSAT

Many LSAT takers tell me that test anxiety is preventing them from doing their best on the test.  The good news is that there are two specific factors that cause test anxiety and when you learn how to address these, the anxiety disappears. 447 more words

Lsat Prep

What role do professors play in reducing student exam anxiety?

As you stand in the hall outside the exam room, your palms start to sweat. Your breathing becomes rapid and shallow – you feel like you can’t get a full breath in your lungs. 596 more words

Higher Education


I am a procrastinator; I am actually very good at it too.

I am procrastinating right now. Sitting in the library writing this post, ignoring my textbook and unfinished homework. 451 more words

Fulcrums part 1

“Blessed are they that keep judgment, and he that doeth righteousness at all times.” (Psalm 106:3)

And I hate to sound fanatical but in spite of labeling both parties above as “blessed”, there is a world of difference between those who are “keep judgment” and those who are actively moving forward, as did Christ, and doing the things in this world—the “greater works” He refers to in John 5:20—that progress the Kingdom of God. 617 more words


One Spanish exam down, two more to go 

On Friday, we had our first exam for Spanish class. We spent the first hour of class going over the homework, which is all new stuff and wasn’t going to be on that test. 154 more words

The pressure is on!

I have started my end of the year testing. I have finished reading comprehension and am now moving on to mathematics. I am SO nervous! I breeze through reading and English tests, it’s definitely my thing. 575 more words