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Common causes of test anxiety and how to solve them

In “Text Anxiety: Causes and Remedies,” Dr. Maryellen Weimer addresses the issue of test anxiety and how it affects students from kindergarten to graduate school. She presents a study that confirms the general idea that those with test anxiety have lower cumulative GPAs at the college level, but reminds us that although this is the case, tests are not going to disappear from the college landscape. 182 more words

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Test Anxiety Takes a Toll

Fellow instructors:

Here are some things that I have found helpful when working with students with test anxiety.

Initial anxiety can come from many factors, I have included a series of questions that my help get at the root of the initial anxiety. 824 more words

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Test Anxiety tips for the teacher

De-emphasize the word “TEST”. For some students simply saying the word “test” is enough to trigger a panic attack. Create a code word with your class that means the same thing such as: quiz, exam, challenge page, knowledge page, or tell me what you know today-essay. 811 more words

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Teacher Tips-Helping Students with Test Anxiety

All students at some point in their college careers experience test anxiety. Usually it stems from being unprepared for a test due to poor time management, lack of study skills and/or insufficient preparation with the test material. 178 more words

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Test Anxiety: Causes and Remedies 

It is exam week for us, so the timing of this article about test anxiety couldn’t be better.

Typically, I learn that a student suffers from test anxiety  60 more words


Reducing Anxiety During Finals

As finals are approaching it is common to hear that people either develop or already have test anxiety. Finals week especially can be a stressful time because of the amount of tests you may have could overwhelm you. 218 more words


Test Anxiety

Here are a few tips to that may help students overcome test anxiety:

  • STUDY!! Going into a test blind can definitely trigger an anxiety attack. Make sure you study and study well.
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