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So you want to be an astronaut - assessment for astronauts


What is the purpose of assessment?

In order to gain a better understanding of the assessment process for astronauts, let’s ask a more basic question first, what is an assessment and what does it prove? 780 more words


Are exams fit for purpose (part two) - what are the alternatives?

Last month’s blog came to the conclusion that examinations* are fit for purpose or at least “a purpose.”

They provide the student with a clear objective to which they can direct their efforts and focus attention and are a transferable measure of competency that can be assessed at scale. 791 more words


Are exams fit for purpose? (part one)

I have written in the past about what passing an exam proves but have never questioned if exams achieve what they were originally designed to do, are they fit for purpose? 706 more words


Maths Grade Boundaries the debate continues

Yesterday I read a very good blog from justmaths about grade boundaries and I agree with nearly everything it said. I then caught a little bit of a debate about it on twitter. 769 more words

Education Chat

Teaching to the test – Interesting research but the fat lady is still in good voice

This week researchers from the University of East Anglia released some very interesting findings that resulted from testing 594 bio-science students in their first week of term at five universities. 490 more words


Happy vacation‏

We have just finished our exams and we feel exhausted after weeks of lack of sleep

and lack of going out with lots of stress and busy schedules. 51 more words

Module 9: Planning and Construction of Tests

A careful planning of assessment is necessary to attain the learning goals we have set for the learners. The last module for Methods of Assessment discuss the proper way to create test in making a balanced assessment for learners. 207 more words

(Re-)Organization And (Re-)Construction