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Last month, our 5th form students sat for the ACT/SAT combo diagnostic test as a resource to figure out which standardized test to pursue moving forward. 154 more words

5th Form

Teaching Point of View

We recently started Point of View in my classroom and I decided to REVAMP my lesson this year. I wanted to make sure I did a thorough job of examining all aspects of POV. 312 more words

Classroom Resources

Get the Math and the Points! CC Alg I June 2017 Regents #10

Can use the TI-83/4 to figure this one out!
The zeros are the values of x that make f(x) or y equal to zero.
Answer (1) looks like this:  only 1 zero at x = -3 which can be seen on both the graph and the table… 137 more words


The SAT Essay: Preparing Students for the Test & Tips for Sealing the Deal

As a part of their graduation requirements, every student in Michigan must take the complete SAT, including the essay. This is relatively new for us in the mitten state; previously, our required test was the ACT. 1,265 more words

Mentor Texts

Cutting a log

Peter asked John this question:” If it takes me 6 minutes to cut a log into 3 sections, how many minutes will it take for me to cut the log into 6 sections?” 96 more words

Test Prep.

Why The SAT/ACT Is A Numbers Game (Not Just The Math Section Either)

Scoring high on the SAT or ACT has more to do with demystifying the test than it does with actual math and English comprehension.

Did you know the test makers create the assessment for students to get problems wrong? 236 more words

Test Prep

A mouse taught a cat how to solve a math problem

A cat sneaked out of the animal school and looked very unhappy. Just at that time, he saw a mouse. He got hold of the mouse and was about to eat the mouse. 268 more words

Test Prep.