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This week.

God this week has been a really busy week for me. Tons of assignments to do and been sick for the past few days. Had a really terrible major headache these days, i don’t even know why but maybe it’s because i’m lack of sleep. 60 more words



Degradation may refer to:


Lost the tests

Mr. Hunter lost our tests, and if he finds them then the test will be on Friday. The homework will be collected on Monday ( which is what I heard him say, but he could forget and collect them on Friday anyways.)

AP Chem

How to React to Doing Poorly on Tests (and by Poorly I Mean Flat Out Terrible)

Do you ever have those tests that you know you are going to have to study hard for then study for like the entire week before the exam and then go into the exam and feel pretty good about your performance (like a solid B performance) but then you get the exam back and it turns out you actually are undeserving of any sort of nice things because the grade was so bad? 1,129 more words

How Were the ACTs, Lena????

So I totally meant to post about this yesterday, but I came home from testing and literally fell asleep until the next morning. I’ve been nursing one hell of a cold/flu sickness for the past few days, and the feeling of death was most certainly upon me. 758 more words


I didn't recognize you.

Let me deviate from my usual “rhetorical” sometimes disturbing, scandalous writing.

I will be writing my second very short story.

Some would love this (I guess, and I hope) – it’s a love story. 549 more words