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This is why it is key to observe the fluid- a lot of clear, stretchy, “egg white” fluid means that you are entering your fertile phase and will likely release an egg soon. 373 more words

An Combo 50 Count Ovulation Pregnancy Test Kit 40

Charting fluid lets you be aware of when ovulation is approaching, and about when your fertile days are. Charting your daily, waking temperature only tells you when… 219 more words

New Fake Pregnancy Test Prank Gag Gift Joke Of

For most females, pregnancy is a time of great joy, excitement and anticipation. pregnancy is a time of bodily and emotional change when plenty of modifications happen effortlessly inside your system. 283 more words


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Being driven crazy

There are two reasons right now that are driving me crazy. Don’t worry, by crazy I mean both befuddled and angry.

The first is the totally unfair way in which we treat people who, like my wife Lisa, come to this country and within one year of driving on their driving licences issued by their home countries have to gain a provisional licence then arrange to get through the UK test. 492 more words

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