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JUNE 22, 2017 AT 4:01 PM 

Yes, I learned that some men have one testicle. One man told me that he has one testicle.The doctor had to remove one testicle due to something like prostate cancer or some kinds of cancer. 14 more words


He had chronic pain in his right testicle. His doctor mistakenly removed the left one (LOL....)

A Pennsylvania man won nearly $900,000 in court after a nightmare surgery ended up removing the wrong body part.

Of course, operating on the wrong side of the body, while not common, is far from unheard of in the medical community.  344 more words

Bare the Bored


Smoking the last days
of weeks, I create a plug for my seams. Together
we shall visit my grave. Quiet is ordered slightly
shy of clicks, surpassing edges is my fence seat. 88 more words


Male Sex Organs

The sexual organs of the biologically male* body are used to deliver sperm during sexual intercourse and for other forms of sex; also to urinate. 244 more words

What Does That Mean?

The Disturbing Part of My Conversation With Bill

In my previous post I detailed my first conversation with Bill, a coworker with one testicle.

Bill had described to me an unfortunate turn of events involving alcohol, a nail gun, a regrettable ricochet, and the subsequent loss of one of his testicles. 421 more words


Barkley 2017 - High Drama and a 15th Finisher

John Kelly was the 15th and only finisher of the 2017 Barkley. An incredible achievement and something that didn’t come easy (his 3rd attempt) for the Washington DC runner. 938 more words

Employee Loses Testicle to Boss's Golf Swing: Court Affirms Boss's Liability

Fortunately for the employee-victim of a senseless workplace attack meted out by his boss, a New York court of appeals has affirmed that the victim can seek damages directly against the boss. 20 more words