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Blow His Mind - 8 Surefire Tips to Give a Toe Curling Blow Job

We still have discussions about it even to this day.  What is the one complaint that men have when it comes to receiving oral sex… 593 more words

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Man loses testicle after drunk boss grabbed his Private parts

A man named Michael Peacock, filed a lawsuit against his boss after losing a testicle at work, according to court 101 more words


NJ man loses testicle after boss grabs him during team-building seminar: lawsuit

NEW JERSEY – He went upstate for two days of team building, but returned with one of his testicles so damaged it had to be removed, according to a New Jersey man’s lawsuit against his former boss. 288 more words


Testicular cryptorchidism in a dog

From Chapter 14 – Male Reproductive Tract

Figure 14.44. Testicular atrophy in an 1.5-year-old, right sided cryptorchid Shi Tzu. The right testicle is found in the abdominal cavity ( 31 more words

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Retractile testicles: Save your son from unnecessary surgery

Knowing if your son has a retractile testicle, rather than an undescended testicle, can save him (and you!) from the trauma of surgery.

Before birth your son’s testicles descended down a tunnel and into the scrotum. 400 more words

Advances in medicine: a better way to fix your child's testicle in the scrotum

Medicine advances fast, and a big benefit of your child having his undescended testicle surgery now and not 30 years ago is how they’ll fix the testicle into his scrotum. 193 more words