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Lump on Your Testicle? What It Could Be

Source: Lump on Your Testicle? What It Could Be « Men’s Health

If you feel a lump or bump on a testicle, you’re probably scared, and rightfully so. 731 more words


Post surgery update

All went well, thank Jesus. I’m so relieved.

Everything went as planned. We got to the hospital at 5:30, checked in, and had some downtime before his surgery at 7. 305 more words

pre-surgery anxiety

Tomorrow my 19 month old son, Asher, is having surgery. He was born with one of his testicles undescended and unfortunately it never came down on its own. 286 more words


Two pent-up female poisoners,

– each, in turn reveling
in the right table tennis testicle,
on such a fresh joke telling
sound genius from Antwerp , 67 more words

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Hitler's Other Testicle Found

DNA testing has confirmed that a testicle discovered in a jar in London’s Royal Albert Hall is the missing gonad of German dictator Adolph Hitler. 238 more words

Favourite Words

I was re-watching one of my favourite films the other day (Mary and Max) and the obese Jewish/Atheist main character with Asperger’s syndrome listed his favourite-sounding words. 173 more words


8 Vital Penis, Testicle & Bum Care Tips For the Winter Surfer

Your privates are the amazing result of millions of years of evolution. Look after them..

Every surf in every season presents a potential discomfort – if not genuine hazard – to your favourite urino-excretory organs. 687 more words