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Time to put the nut-munching Pacu on Lochte-down?

Nothing in this world can beat the feeling of Americans figuring out ways to look like complete and total jackasses on the world stage.  The U.S. 649 more words


Goodness gracious great balls of fire!

There’s always something that no one talks about, some part of a process that gets tabled – the fact that my nuts are all swollen up is one of those things. 195 more words



Cryptorchidism is the failure of one or both testicles to descend normally from the abdomen into the scrotum of young intact male dogs. The goals of treating this disorder are to prevent subsequent torsion of the retained testicle(s) and to prevent development of testicular cancer. 681 more words

Health Issues: Dogs

Global Thermal Haikuclear War

sweet motherfucker

those be tight cargo pants, Todd

ballsack cameltoe

Happy with two penises Naked Shitty Scatolibel #54 before & after

I have come for your daily milking, Mr Dimitri. Now let me see… Which one will we be drawing from today?


Howler Monkeys

A new study found that “Howler Monkeys” scream “louder” when they have “smaller” testicles.

The study published in the journal “Current Biology” said that howler monkeys with… 376 more words