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This Horrifying 'Testicle-Eating' Fish With Human Teeth Was Caught In New Jersey

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For your consideration from #TeamDryLand, a New Jersey man and his son were fishing in a man-made lake in South Jersey last weekend when they caught a very rare fish related to the piranha known only to inhabit rivers in South America. 154 more words

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Boobs and Dicks

Sex has fascinated me from a very young age.

When I was a kid, growing up in the 70’s, boobs were everywhere, they were in movies, tv shows, newspapers too. 1,554 more words

"Living-Pain" Arist Petr Pavlensky Holds Live Q&A About Why He Nailed His Scrotum To The Sidewalk

Petr Pavlensky is a “living-pain” artist who believes in exposing the human condition through physical pain. His art displays have included sewing his mouth shut, wrapping himself up with barbed wire, and in 2013, nailed his scrotum to the cobblestone on the Red Square. 490 more words

Is Norman getting ready to decorate the Christmas tree?

Skatz: No. Hey thinks they are testicle implants and wonders what the Vet would charge to insert them.

Brass ones

When I was younger my Grandmother encouraged me to be bold, to be not only courageous but to be visibly courageous. “Get ’em out,” she would cackle, “‘aint no point havin’ brass ones if no one can see ’em!” 234 more words

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Everyday Shrinkage: 5 Ways Your Testicles Are Getting Smaller And How To Prevent It

The testicles are two of men’s most sensitive, and prized, organs. Finding out that one of them is shrinking can be scary, especially when we have no idea what’s causing it. 1,180 more words


Epididymitis Natural Remedies

Epididymitis is an inflammatory condition at the beginning of the sperm ducts of the testicles. Symptoms include testicular and inguinal pains. There may be fever and chills also. 732 more words

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