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Ignore the Bandicoots

Discussion on the humble cow to being distracted by echidna testicles (again)

Where else should I begin but discussing the uniqueness and complexity of the Australian wildlife. 1,593 more words

Australian Natives

The most answer-full non-interference ever...

It cuts quite an image if you are in the gym, ‘hurring’ away and then suddenly your lungs decide that they no longer appreciate being inside your body and try to escape. 451 more words

How to examine your balls

A friend sent me this video via WhatsApp. I love it. Cute, informative, and a very important public service announcement. Nadia Heng, a TV host and Miss Malaysia beauty queen no less, gamely teaches how to examine testicles. 575 more words


STONES (kidney), renal calculus

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STONES (kidney), renal calculus, urolithiasis

A kidney stone, also known, as a renal calculus or urolithiasis is a solid concretion or crystal aggregation formed in kidneys through dietary minerals in urine or when the normal balance of water, salts, minerals, and other substances found in urine changes. 819 more words


Testicles, oil and a pie

Missing testicles on No Such Thing As A Fish. Giggling all over the train.
Face oil.

Fish pie.

That's Nuts!

Polynesian Islanders of the South Pacific have a very special navigation tool – their testicles. When sailing a boat, they dip the scrotum below the surface of water to sense the motion of the ocean and navigate to desired location. Who needs a compass?