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Botox for balls? (Twit of the Day!)

The beauty of the internet is that you find out about things you would never usually come across in everyday life.

Similarly, the horror of the internet is… Yep, you get the drill. 142 more words

Your unsightly unmentionables

There is an ad on an internet site for Scrotox, botox for the testicles.

I have no idea what I was going write about prior to reading that. 498 more words

Man Loses His Testicles After Attempting To Smoke Weed Through A Scuba Tank

Drinking and drugging will teach you lots of lessons, one of which includes not smoking weed through a scuba tank after drinking copious amounts of alcohol. 223 more words

A Bedtime Story

By Gregor

Once upon a time, from a bedroom suspiciously close to the one that I normally sleep in, there came a series of noises that I suspected weren’t entirely devoid of something marginally more sinister than the usual sounds of my Chinese neighbours snoring, or engaging in the kind of hardcore oxygen-deprivation sex that they appear to enjoy. 494 more words

Gregor Stronach

Naked Man Rubs Milk on Balls

if ever proof was needed that God is female and not male it lies in the decision to design man with two balls, extremely sensitive to pain, then leave them dangling outside the body, unprotected, vulnerable to attack by animate and inanimate objects! 41 more words


Time to put the nut-munching Pacu on Lochte-down?

Nothing in this world can beat the feeling of Americans figuring out ways to look like complete and total jackasses on the world stage.  The U.S. 649 more words


Goodness gracious great balls of fire!

There’s always something that no one talks about, some part of a process that gets tabled – the fact that my nuts are all swollen up is one of those things. 195 more words