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“Balls!” said the Queen. “If I had them, I’d be King.”

Reading my daily dose of pop fodder in the Guardian, one of several publications I read daily, I, of course, was drawn to the titles that aim to lure cheesy-lover readers like me: … 556 more words


#TrafficDiaries - Cursed Consistency and My Ball Sack

Yeah, the former part of the title doesn’t exactly have much to do with the contents of this post. You guys don’t need to tell me. 730 more words


Speaking of Festivals

Recently I wrote about attending the annual Mayhaw Festival in Monticello, Florida, and my general love of quaint all-American festivals. KH, the older of my two younger brothers did some research for me and discovered not one, not two, but five festivals celebrating (ta-da!) testicles! 305 more words


How do testicles know to make sperm .

Whenever a man ejaculates millions of sperm are produced, yet the average pair of testicles produces billions of sperm in a lifetime. So, why aren’t all of these possible sperm cells created at once? 310 more words