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Dear Underpants

This is not Game of Thrones. Winter is not coming. You do not have to flee the South. There is no need to conquer my North. 129 more words


It’s been threatened many times… and by the way, this dude may have a  prostate problem.


Chronic Testes Pain

Andrew Siegel MD    3/7/2018

New Jersey is shut down because of the impending Nor’easter, surgery and office hours are cancelled, so I have plenty of free time and am going to post this entry today rather than on Saturday morning. 1,120 more words

Andrew Siegel MD

Day 83--testicles (part 2)

I asked Robin-the-tutor if she though that I’m automatically a jerk just because I’m a guy. She said no, my particular style of being a jerk isn’t a guy thing. 16 more words

'It's my fault as well': Chef who had testicle ripped out of scrotum by woman he rejected for threesome speaks out - Mirror Online

Oh yeah, just what we all need on the weekend…A sloppy, coked up drunken ex, barging in on your groove time with another woman, not to fight, but begging to fuck… flattering, right? 48 more words

Geo-politics, Socio-economics

A Load Of Balls

I had had a nice night on Friday, it was date night and Titchy and I had a lovely evening chatting and being daft over a lovely meal in our local pub.   1,326 more words

LOL for Today

A couple of old guys were golfing when one mentioned that he was going to go to Dr. Steinberg for a new set of dentures the next morning. 102 more words