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Men are having testicle implants to make their pouches look bigger

It’s been revealed that men are having testicle implants to make their posing pouches look bigger. Similar to female breast implants, the procedure is becoming more and more popular. 230 more words


Reflections on a Nut Cutting

By Stan Silliman

I’m a trooper. I’m sitting down writing this when just a couple of days ago I was in an operating room getting my nuts cut on. 443 more words


Colonel Bogey and his successors

Most adults in Commonwealth countries have heard this tune, possibly through military bands which still play it. It dates back to 1914, but the words came later during World War 2. 305 more words

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Hot as Balls: The Science of

I just said, “it’s hot as balls” to my computer. Then, thinking it funny, I decided to google the actual temperature of balls.

Turns out, 98.6 is the temperature of balls. 51 more words

Masturbation and Men's Health

Some people judge masturbation and talk about how bad it is. Right now, I am even more grateful to it than I was before! It totally just saved my ass..well..my balls really. 317 more words


All About Testicles

By Fiona McMahon, DPT

Testicles have long been a symbol of manhood and virility. In fact, the word testis means “witness of virility” in Latin. They help produce the hormones that transition a boy into a man. 1,051 more words

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For those uninitiated untermenschen among you who remain ignorant of New York-based culinary fads, ‘cronut’ is a portmanteau of ‘croissant’ and ‘donut’. Let’s leave aside the question as to why said comestible could not equally be referred to as a ‘doissant’, as well as the fact that ‘cronut’ sounds like one of the less desirable anatomical parts of a certain bird, and get straight to the point: the gosh-darned… 284 more words

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