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Brits need nuclear attack subs like a homeless dude needs to buy a rocket launcher

I wrote a joke the other day, along the lines of: “Our greatest fear is that we die alone – which is why I intend to take quite a few people with me.” And it would be funnier, I suppose, if it didn’t constitute Britain’s actual policy on defence.

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Ice on your balls make you cum fastest!

Sounds funny! But ice or any cold object for that matter helps stimulate the testicular nerve endings really quick. Do not keep direct ice cubes as it may make your genitals numb.  157 more words


VIDEO: Climber Gets His Junk Pinched On Failed Dyno

Fred Gagnon is getting internet famous for getting the huevos tangled in his climbing ropes during this failed dyno attempt at the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. 20 more words



Who says testicles can’t be humorous? These guys absolutely cracked me up on our shoot for Bonds, a very funny pair of guys.

Little adult.

When I was little, I had a lisp. I don’t know how it came about – I guess I just didn’t learn how to make an ‘S’ sound correctly right from the beginning, so it came out as a ‘Th’ instead. 501 more words


Say what you like about monkey nuts – they are he tastiest part of the monkey.

But seriously folks…

Monkey nuts are the monkey’s nuts. My mum continues to ban them in her house, on the grounds that they produce an inordinate amount of mess. 239 more words

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Angry wife shoots husband's scrotum for cheating on her

A woman in Florida has been arrested for allegedly shooting her husband’s scrotum because he had an affair with another woman.

According to Brevard County police, the 60-year-old woman identified as Victoria Reid, fired a gun at her husband’s private parts while discussing his affair with another woman. 130 more words