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A gun with balls is nuts! For the guy with a big truck, flexing pics and small shaft.

Check it out here!       $22.95


Watsonia man starts wearing cricket box around the house due to persistent nut shots from toddler son

A Watsonia man has taken the somewhat extreme measure of wearing a cricket box around the house due to persistent nut shots from his toddler son. 227 more words


Ah, Grow Some Balls!

Women are one of the most powerful beings created. No, I'm not just saying this because I am a woman, but seriously we are! Not only due to the fact that our love is like no other, or our hearts bleed to nurture; or that we still in 2017,are fighting for equal pay. 74 more words

An express tour of Lublin, Poland (be advised that this post makes reference to squirrel testicles)

We ended up in Lublin because we missed our bus to Sandomierz.  We woke up early in Zamość because HOB was having coughing fits and, though the guy at our hostel had explained how to get to the bus station by local bus, we decided to walk instead and enjoy one final stroll through the glorious old town of Zamość.   470 more words


My Testicular Examination

The doctor wants me to get an ultrasound of my testicle. “Really?” This is what I thought when she told me. As if I had not already gone through enough. 1,158 more words

Testicles and Neuticles or Other Jewels

For someone who has spent a career in reproductive endocrinology there’s a surprising dearth of stories about gonads in my blog. I am now correcting that impression. 686 more words