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Testimonial: "Brought Meals, Sent Flowers and Cards"

September 3, 2014

It is seldom that anyone can say that they have experienced true friendship and love. It is a pleasure for me to say that my family, friends and church family at Phillips Temple have expressed the true meaning of love, that “philia” love as demonstrated in the new testament. 66 more words

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Why You Should Read More Poetry

Edita Kaye’s Blog

By Iain S. Thomas

For most of us, our experience with writing poetry starts and ends when we’re teenagers. Normally when a girl or a boy breaks our heart. 41 more words

Edita Kaye

Thanks Simon for a cracking first session this morning, I’m sure it will be the first of many.



Examining The All Too Overlooked Art Of The Lost Pet Poster

Edita Kaye’s Blog

By Priscilla Frank

It’s not all that often that regular folks — read: non-artists — decide to draw, photograph or even collage an impromptu art piece, reaching into the depths of their souls for inspiration, and plaster them throughout the public realm for all to see, interpret and act on. 18 more words

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8 Complimentary Words That Sound Like Insults

Edita Kaye’s Blog

By Claire Fallon

Recently, during a conversation with a coworker, I described a mutual friend as “charming.” I’d meant it as a compliment, describing how adept this person was at getting along with people, making them feel valued and at ease, but my coworker reacted as if I’d fired shots. 16 more words

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5 Books That Changed My Perspective of the World

Edita Kaye’s Blog

By Allison Underhill

“What is your favorite book?”

I’ve been asked this question numerous times throughout my life. Even now as a 19-year-old college student, I find this question nearly impossible to answer. 33 more words

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