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Paul & Joanne

We have the honor of sharing the testimony of my friend, Paul and his beautiful wife Joanne. Revealing God’s mercy, grace, and His love towards him and family. 2,339 more words


how far is too far ?

ever been afraid to do something because you didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings? you know that it could really help you grow, but you just hold back because it might be detrimental to someone else? 307 more words

The Great Testimony

A hadith predicts that towards the end of history some believers will bear great witness to the truth. This act of bearing witness will be great not in terms of quality but quantity, for no one can surpass the quality of dawah performed by the prophets. 42 more words

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

With no exposure to Christ, she cried out and Jesus responded to Sister Mei of China

Maybe it was a rip tide, but Sister Mei felt – and saw in an apparent vision – that it was a hand pulling her out to sea. 1,212 more words


Only God Can Save Our Souls | Short Film "God Does Not Have the Heart to Let Me Fall into Hades"

Born in a Christian family, he has longed for light and goodness since childhood. Working so hard and striving to be strong, he was promoted from an ordinary policeman to Chief of the Public Security Division of the Municipal Public Security Bureau. 89 more words

Eastern Lightning

Testimony part 1 - childhood

Okay, so I wasn’t sure where to start but I thought I might as well start from the beginning. I was born in the Simpsons in Edinburgh. 1,140 more words


What's Through The Gate of Jesus? Part 2 of 3

A couple of years after my spontaneous healing and vision of the transfiguration, I was attending a metaphysical Christian Church called Universal Mind Science in Long Beach. 1,050 more words