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Gospel doesn't promote religion

​Somebody once asked a Christian friend, “I can’t understand you Christians because India is the home of many religions that it is an exceedingly religious country .Why then do you introduce yet another religion and add to the confusion? 238 more words

A Testimony to My Life


A testimony to my life as I trace back the dream that never was but, always was the mistress of my temple, the shoulder to my bone and the piston in my drive. 247 more words


Speaking in Tongues (Part One)

Myself and a friend had traveled all through the night in his bright red AMC Pacer after visiting with some newfound friends in Pittsburgh following a large outdoor Christian festival north of the city. 1,194 more words


A Wonderful Surprise

As I talked with God last night in my prayer, I recounted how faithful He was in my long laborious journey in taking my master’s education. 610 more words


"You Better Not Have Taped Me... I'll Tell!!"

I knewit!! He didn’t have tapes! He was just threatening Comey…. Cry-Bully-In-Chief Trump was giving him that, clenched teeth, low growl, “You better hope there aren’t any tapes!” It was a threat, as in, you know what I will do to you if yopu taped me secretly, I will have you arrested, jailed, tortured, killed, whatever… The implication was there, just missed by most… 34 more words

Patience and Understanding

*This is a late post.

“I’m not good in waiting. I have a talent on assuming and on moving on, but not on waiting.”

This was the exact statement I said to my friends when we were waiting for the hop-on-hop-off bus from Nami Island to Petite France.

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Life Lessons

Preparing for Transitions and New Ministry Opportunities

Pictured above are the graduations we had in the month of May. The first picture is of myself and my father during my seminary graduation. The second photo is our family at Korben’s Graduation. 329 more words