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Unpopular Opinion: I'm A Christian

1999: When I was 10 years old, I got saved. It was storming terribly outside but my cousin and I weren’t scared. Actually, we felt divinely connected to the rain and thunder and lightening. 594 more words

Personally Paula

The Truth.

2/24/18 Vibe Check ✔…..

As I lay in my hospital bed hurting, aching, with so many questions…answers unfound. I’m slowly fading invisibly to the naked eye. 474 more words


Pursue Wholeness part 2

Your worth is in God and in him alone

Your are what scripture says you are!

📌You can’t find your worth in Relationships “What happens if they disappoint you?? 115 more words


Pursue Wholeness

I was meditating on something that I wrote on becoming ( whole )as a unmarried Christian even for those in courtship or dating relationship before the Lord joints you in oneness with your significant other and as well as to remain (whole) even in your marriage relationship with your spouse. 130 more words


Eastern Lightning | The Relationship Between Each of the Three Stages of God’s Work.

The Relationship Between Each of the Three Stages of God’s Work.

        Relevant Words of God:

From the work of Jehovah to that of Jesus, and from the work of Jesus to that of this current stage, these three stages cover the entire breadth of God’s management, and are all the work of one Spirit. 2,609 more words


A Spiritual Zenith: Enter Calvinism (Spiritual Autobio 7)

Buckle up for a longer post this time. I have to mention all the events and people included here, and I don’t feel like artificially breaking this up into separate posts, mostly because I have a lot to cover, and I’m not trying to tailor this series to a popular audience. 3,597 more words