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Kesetiaan yang Manis

Dari tahun ke tahun selalu diberkati dengan tema tahunan yang dimiliki IMBOLC. Sampai tiba memulai tahun 2018 ini, sangat spesial dimana tahun ini berbicara tentang kesetiaan “Faithfulness”. 722 more words


No one is perfect, but your imperfections had reason.

The hardest part of my life was when my two older sons were stolen from me. And I say stolen because that is what happened. I dealt with this matter in a very unhealthy way. 506 more words


Happiness is not found in a bottle.

The dangers of antidepressants are well known to me. I know they reveal memories to those who are not ready to remember them. God reveals childhood memories that are blocked when it’s time to heal. 377 more words


"Cartucho" by Nellie Campobello

It is incredibly cruel and poetic, how Nellie narrates in “Cartucho*” her witnessing the Mexican revolution in her childhood. Through poems, flashbacks and stories, she gives an account of how her innocence as a child was taken away during these dark, bloody days of revolution in the North… This book is written from the perspective of a young Nellie, who paired up soldiers with her dolls, a child who ran to hospitals just to take a peek on who had been shot, a child that didn’t have a garden to admire through her window, but rather a field with corpses spread out; but the worst of it all, is that she was completely accustomed to witness all this, at ease. 121 more words


My Mother's Love

I’ve been hurt the most by the people I loved the most, I try to love everyone the same but that causes so much hurt. I choose everyday to replace that hurt with hope and that is only through Jesus. 644 more words


Hide and Seek (4)


Matthew 15:8-9: “‘These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.
9 They worship me in vain; their teachings are merely human rules.’”
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Sweet song of a chickadee.

I spent every other weekend in High School traveling to a different village. Our sports teams use our School Districts personal plane for travel. I enjoyed traveling to different villages and always met wonderful people. 584 more words