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God Makes Use of Different Trials to Test Whether People Fear God and Shun Evil

In every age, God bestows some words upon man when He works in the world, telling man of some truths. These truths serve as the way to be adhered to by man, the way that is to be walked in by man, the way that enables man to fear God and shun evil, and the way that people should put into practice and adhere to in their lives and over the course of their life journeys. 2,319 more words

God’s Work

The Sower and the Seed

Matthew 13

Please don’t let the author’s name shock you from reading his crafty prose.

Nailed it!

Parable of the Sower

By Spock the Vegan… 166 more words


Institutionalized church?

Hi there my friend, good mornin to you.

This article is just a perspective based on my thoughts and experiences, and is not intended to steer anyone into any decision whatsoever. 667 more words

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Finding your Purpose in God

We’re ALL human, right? We all get depressed sometimes and feel as though we have no purpose in life. We live our lives out on social media outlets, watching this person go to the beach, this guy out with his friends, this girl has a boyfriend. 359 more words

Through it all...

I know that I know that God loves me. He rescued me from the depths of my sorrow, fear, feeling abandoned. I’ve had seasons of great challenge. 983 more words


Lay it Down

For the past few months I’ve heard God in bits and pieces, but I couldn’t find the “missing piece” to what I felt He was speaking to me. 1,671 more words


Facebook to About-Face: Birth of a Texas based Missions

AFM History

 About-Face Missions

Facebook to About-Face: Birth of a Texas based Missions




  1. (chiefly in military contexts) a turn made so as to face the opposite direction.
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