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Gratefulness for the Gospel

Paul opens his letter to the Colossians with a thanksgiving prayer for two things: the Gospel and the believers in Colossae. Often even true Christians can lose their passion or gratefulness for the Gospel, and yet this ought to be the mainstay that undergirds our Christian sense of joy, mission and piety. 758 more words


What Is Love?

What is Love?

Like so many other words in the English language “Love” has unfortunately become just another one that has been made lesser than it is or has been taken out of context. 894 more words


Clouded Faith: My walk with Christ

I feel that in the current state of our society, Christianity is being eaten away, being diluted by political correctness and sensitivity. People are constantly bashing Christians for their views on hot topics like gay marriage or abortion. 1,111 more words


#WomenBetrayed: My First experience with abortion

When I saw the rally advertisements on various social media platforms against Planned Parenthood, I decided I needed to get involved with this campaign. Being a cradle Catholic, I think I’ve always been raised in a pro-life household. 616 more words

What MORE can we do?

Seeking what could be done better is what I want to assess myself with now. As I look back to the past months, I know there were lot of things that I should have done better. 367 more words

Personal Testimony

It’s testimony time!

Okay, let’s face some facts… Surprisingly, I was born and raised in “the hood”. Gun shots day and night. Gangs gathered on street corners. 1,999 more words