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Nothing Fundamentally Wrong With Public Education

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with public education in the United States; it is not the monster right-wing millionaires and their on-a-leash politicians would have you believe. 848 more words

On Schools

Registration Reminder

Today is the regular registration deadline for the February 11th ACT. Please note, New York test centers do not offer the test on this date.

Bound To Organize

Jupyter + Archimedes

I have been playing with Jupyter and Calysto Hy recently. When it comes to testing (especially with the tools I’m used to), there’s couple hitches: nosetests aren’t executed automatically and any exception that a cell throws stops execution of whole notebook. 1,185 more words


And then a harder challenge…

Seth’s course continues with him speaking, giving examples, explaining concepts and exhorting… I am not going to go through everything he suggested (do the course! I urge you… do the course! 867 more words

Story Telling

Jupyter Lab, Calysto Hy, Archimedes... oh my

I recently came across a really nifty looking set of tools, namely: Jupyter Lab and Calysto Hy. Former is continuation of IPython, a notebook based Python authoring tool. 832 more words


FIME announces participation in UnionPay QuickPass sponsorship program

FIME’s test laboratories in France and Taiwan are now eligible to support terminal manufacturers and kernel developers as part of the UnionPay QuickPass sponsorship program. By significantly subsidizing certification costs, the program is working to drive adoption of UnionPay QuickPass. 170 more words


Our own Multi-Model Database – Part 3

If you haven’t read part 1 and part 2 then do that first or you’ll have no clue what I’m doing, and I’d like to be the only one not knowing what I’m doing. 1,374 more words

Graph Database