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Going The Test Optional Route

Over 800 schools have adopted a test optional policy. These schools do not require standardized test scores to make their admissions decision because they believe test scores are not necessarily representative of a student’s ability or academic potential. 228 more words

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Tomorrow's PSAT

There are a few things you ought to know if you’re taking the PSAT tomorrow.

Remember, the PSAT is a “practice” test for the SAT. Your scores won’t be reported to colleges but the PSAT will give you valuable feedback. 218 more words

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How Are You Going To Prep For Your Tests?

To get the best possible scores you should develop your own test taking strategy. Are you planning to prepare on your own, in a group or with a tutor?   385 more words

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Lead Testers and Lead Testing

As I exit a project with disappointing results for me personally, I’m motivated to re-invent my role by combining select experiences from past projects.  At the start of my next project, my conversation with project team members might take on this flavor. 362 more words


Monkeypatching Module Globals

This is an issue I came across when trying to write a test to ensure a configuration is correctly read from a number of environment variables: It can be tricky when module global variables are part of the setup. 375 more words


How To Sort Through Your Standardized Testing Options

There is no denying standardized testing is an important part of the college application process. Test scores are among the many criteria used to determine your acceptance. 312 more words

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UL cloud-based payments test suite qualified by Discover Global Network

With more and more NFC-enabled mobile devices being used to perform contactless payments the UL Cloud-based Payment Functional Test Suites makes a lot of sense for testing payment applications implemented as a mobile device application against payment scheme specifications. 243 more words