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Some Important Questions on Scecurity Testing

Some Important Questions on Scecurity Testing :


1. What is Authorization?

a) Authorization means checking permission

b) Authorization means checking credential.

c) Authorization means checking proper navigation… 231 more words

Testing Basics

some Important Questions on Cookie Testing

1. Where cookies are store?

a)  Web browser

b) Web server

c) Remote server

d) All of above

Ans: a)

2. Can two different browsers share same cookies? 160 more words

Testing Basics

Cookie Testing

Cookie is small bit of information stored in text file on user’s hard drive by web server. This information is later used by web browser to retrieve information from that machine. 2,362 more words

Testing Basics

Business Document Vs Functional Document

Business Document

In Business document client explains requirement of the software he demands in simple terms and how their business works.

Business Analysts plays a vital role in collecting information about the initially stated requirements through various requirement gathering techniques. 181 more words

Testing Basics

What is Use case and Test case?

Use Case

Use case is a pictorial representation of requirements. It explains how the end user interacts with the application. It gives all possible ways of how the end user uses the application. 303 more words

Testing Basics