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OHS holds first Benchmarks of the year

By: Joseph Mizell

Last week here at OHS, students from the Freshman and Sophomore classes had to take their Benchmark tests.

Benchmarks are assessments that students take to help themselves and their teachers know which topics the students are struggling with. 446 more words


Observations from an outsider

I never even knew that the TAKS exam was a standardized test. To be honest, I thought it was another final for one of my classes or a college admittance tests. 186 more words

Student Testing Narrative

Campus follows public health measures to protect students

Written by Carolyn Kuimelis

Since mid-September, there have been multiple cases of pertussis in the student body, resulting in increased health precautions from administration. Pertussis, more commonly known as whooping cough, is a highly contagious respiratory disease that can be life-threatening for infants. 802 more words


Testing Smartforms with the Smartform tester in K2 4.7

There are a number of Smartform testing tools currently on the market to allow developers to test their Smartforms. But in 4.7 there is something hidden away that is just dying to be played with. 934 more words


Curiosity Killed the Tester

Hello again. I’ve been unusually busy these past few months plus I’ve been waiting for inspiration to strike and boy oh boy it certainly did. 990 more words

Software Testing

Changing the operations of a Software Company - Part I

Agile is great… and sometimes painful. Do not get me wrong, I love an Agile work environment when everyone is keen to “Try, Fail, Fix, Learn and Move On”. 695 more words


Chinese Bands and US Charters: Sorting by Eugenics and Sorting by Parent Engagement

I read an article in yesterday’s NYTimes¬†with a mix of astonishment and revulsion. The article, by Didi Kirsten Tatlow, describes a music program in China where students are enrolled in band programs and assigned musical instruments in the band based solely on their physical attributes. 613 more words