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Testing testing.

Are we good?

Claiming ownership

Never just take someone’s word
no matter how venerable they are,
for you alone are responsible for your journey:
question it
test it
try it out

© Meisaan Chan


Things to be know regarding AUTOMATION Testing !!!

Automation! Automation! Once it was a nightmare for me. As for me coding is not a cup of my tea. Now, when I have started learning it with more efforts and enthusiasm to get this task ticked as done from my task list. 667 more words


It's not about the amount of tests you run, it's about the amount you learn (and profit)

Test volume is a frequent topic of discussion among CROs.

Listening to company presentations at conferences you may be concerned that your competitors are running 100 tests each month. 251 more words

BREAKING NEWS: Whistle Blower Says the "New and Improved" SAT is a Fraud

Jonathan Pelto warns residents of Connecticut that their children will be forced to take the “new” SAT despite serious charges that the test is ill-designed and invalid. 819 more words


Process vs Outcome: Which is More Important?

With the first wave of Bootcamp testing finished at FSP and the EADP testing right around the corner, I wanted to take a minute to address some concerns and questions regarding test results and their relationship to the training we do on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis. 432 more words

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Drone Operators Could Outnumber Private Aviation Pilots In Just One Year

Two months after the Federal Aviation Administration released regulations governing the use of drones, thousands of would-be pilots have lined up to take the test to get licensed to fly on the first day it became available. 378 more words