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Eva Moskowitz Cannot Help Herself

My grandfather had many folk wisdom expressions, but one that sticks with me is “When you are sitting 100 feet in the air, sawing furiously at the branch you are on, be sure to sit on the the TREE side of the cut.”  The meaning here is simple enough: perilous situations demand caution, and it is probably a good idea to check and double check what you are doing lest you end up like these guys: 2,078 more words


Significance Testing of Mirror (Event Detector)

Mirror is Aurora’s transit-like event detector.  I am testing several modes, but the two I expect will consistently perform well are “And” and “Or”.  Testing consists in how well it detects known, confirmed exoplanets.  479 more words


Goulash and Blood Stains

Now I’m sure you’re wondering what do goulash and blood stains have to do with each other? Simple: my thought process and diabetes.

Now I’m sure I’m not the only one who ponders life while they’re cooking. 445 more words

Sitting In Comfort

Who knew shopping for chairs would be so complicated?!  Normally when I need to buy a chair or two, I go to the stores and try out said chairs.   223 more words

PRSSA Message Tests

For the ISC campaign we must understand how to compose a powerful message to reach our audience.  We chose students who might have some former interest in ISC or PRSSA to describe their favorite message.   91 more words