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Testing 2 - Spelling and grammar

I have copy and pasted all of my code into a word document, I found many simple spelling and grammar mistakes in the text which I was able to fix. 42 more words


Testing 1 - W3C Validation html and css

I have validated my html and css, both html and css run without errors and have been validated without any errors.



I have tested all the links on my website, to ensure that the correct pages are opened by clicking the corresponding links. I have also checked that the thumbnails and arrows on the JQuery gallery work as they are supposed to. 18 more words


Seasons of Blessing

A former pastor of mine once said, “Seasons of testing are always followed by seasons of blessing.” After many years of walking with the Lord, I believe that is true. 708 more words

Christian Life

Standardized Testing Isn't Helping Anyone

Standardized state tests have become a more common thought in the back of students’ minds when they think of school. State tests cause more stress than in the past for students, teachers, and parents as they have started to slightly lower student’s chances of success as each year passes. 506 more words


Could Classical Music be the Answer to Testing Struggles

Music is listened by many people everyday, and some students have expressed that they desire to test with music to help them focus. So, is music helping test scores or hindering them? 323 more words

An ode to the TES (or 'Everyone's out to get us', etc.)

The arrival of the Testicalz, from the planet CRAZY, was clouded in stealth, mystery and bureaucracy. In those early days we didn’t know whether to whine about our mental health issues (duly prescribed by a legion of therapists with only our best interests at heart) or create our own hashtag. 613 more words