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List of states that require homeschoolers to take state assessments

While homeschooling is still considered a parent’s right at the federal level, states still have very different requirements for their homeschooled students. This is due to states having the federal mandate to ensure the children that reside there are educated. 544 more words

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Can we do our own testing?

This seems to be a question that everyone comes up with and everyone wants to have an answer to. At this moment in time the committee (Chorley & Leyland Stink Bomb) are looking into how they can do our own testing to ensure that the readings taken by the EA are as accurate as possible. 137 more words

Clayton Hall Landfill

Testing ideas

Doing more Ruby on Rails today.

For ensuring data is good …

Anyone ever try using a scope to drop bad results and streamline view presentation? 191 more words

Format currency field with JavaScript

Last month I got a solution to format the currency fields from Wundertax’s declarations

This is the function:

var formatCurrency = function(element) {
  $this = $(element);
  var number = $this.val()
  number = number.replace(/[^0-9,.]/g, '')
  if (number === '') {
    number = '0,00'
  } else {
    splitted_number = number.split(/[\,.]/g)
    if (splitted_number.length > 2) {
      decimal_numbers = splitted_number.pop()
      whole_numbers = splitted_number.join('')
      number = whole_numbers.concat('.' + decimal_numbers)
      number = parseFloat(number).toFixed(2)
      number = number.replace('.', ',')
    } else {
      number = number.replace(',', '.')
      number = parseFloat(number).toFixed(2)
      number = number.replace('.', ',')

  $this.next().val(number.replace(/[\,]/g, '.'));
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Visby Henley and Top

When Kennis from Itch to Stitch called for testers for Visby Henley and Top, I had to look it up to find out what a Henley is… maybe I´m… 228 more words

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Love Tested by our Darkest Sins

“Lord I love you” is a powerful statement.  How do we protect ourselves from the hypocrisy of declaring it on Sundays, proclaiming it to receive affirmation on social media, but failing to hold fast to that commitment in the hard moments of our lives? 574 more words

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Software Tester job in Gurgaon

Location: Gurgaon

Software Tester

Experience: 0-1 Year

Basic Networking Concept, Complete Testing Procedure.

Understanding of Test Plans & Test related Procedures.

Good Knowledge in UMTS/3G protocols.

Email: hr@remielsoft.com


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