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What You Should Know About Testosterone Therapy in Wilmington, NC

It is not uncommon for older men to experience a significant decline in energy from their younger days. In fact, they may experience a host of other symptoms as well. 298 more words

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Want to learn more about testosterone?

Want to learn more about testosterone? Here are five facts to help you get started.

What is Low Testosterone, it's Causes, Symptoms, ​and Treatment

Treatment for Low Testosterone:

Action Men’s Health Clinic

Action Men’s Health Clinic is a men’s health clinic specializing in andropause and other hormonal deficiencies in men. 82 more words


It Gets Better

by Robin Gorsline

I thought this would be a difficult post to write, especially because I am posting alone while Malachi has been away at a 5-day retreat for people into kinky sex. 1,306 more words

Robin Gorsline

What is Your Health Worth to You?

Good health is priceless. Who doesn’t want to live to a ripe old age feeling vibrant, engaged and relevant? And guess what? The odds are in your favor. 384 more words

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What Is Sexual Freedom? Robin Responds

by Robin Gorsline

I come to this topic fresh from reading an article in the New York Times, “Sex Talk for Muslim Women,” by Mona Eltahawy. 1,376 more words

Robin Gorsline

Could a Hormone Imbalance be Causing you to Overeat?

Eating too much is often more than just an issue of willpower. There are a lot of reasons for overeating, many of which scientists now say trace back to brain chemistry and hormonal imbalance. 61 more words

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