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Chicagoland Men’s Health – Find out Testosterone therapy expert

If this is the case, you aren’t alone, and testosterone therapy may be exactly what you will need to get back in the game! Testosterone therapy for women is rather common. 193 more words

Testosterone Therapy

Why Does He Have a Low Sex Drive?

At The American Center for Biological Medicine we are wearing blue in celebration of Men’s Health Month! As temperatures in Scottsdale rise during June, we want to address some likewise hot health topics related to this month’s theme  430 more words

Bioidentical Testosterone Therapy

Hormones and their Receptor Sites-What You Need to Know

Women’s International Pharmacy published an excellent article on the importance of understanding how hormones work with receptor sites and the signifiant impact this has on hormone treatments in women and in men.   131 more words

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Chicagoland Men’s Health: A clinic for best Hormone replacement therapy treatment

No therapy will function as a magic cure-all. Hormone replacement therapy can be particularly beneficial not only for your libido but for health reasons too. … 216 more words

Testosterone Therapy

Is testosterone replacement therapy the right thing for aging males?

Testosterone (T) is a naturally occurring hormone in men, and most of it is produced in the testicles.

At puberty, T production escalates, bringing about masculinizing changes in muscle mass.   762 more words

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Muscle Wasting in RA Patients: Who’s at Risk, What’s the Best Treatment?

Men seem to be at greater risk for rheumatoid cachexia, and there’s some evidence to suggest testosterone therapy may have an impact.

Several studies have found that patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are prone to lean body mass deficits, which increase the risk of poor clinical outcomes, disability, and mortality. 878 more words