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Testosterone replacement therapy

The sexual characteristics of all males are dictated by the hormone testosterone. It is the master hormone which controls all sexual characteristic changes that take place in males. 977 more words


Testosterone therapy

The male body performs at its best when all its systems are working properly. One of the most important systems of the male body is the endocrine system. 988 more words


Low T

The human body constitutes a variety of systems that enable it to operate in a proper manner. Without these systems, it would have been very difficult for the human body to perform certain activities. 976 more words


Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

A man’s sexual characteristics are solely controlled by the hormone testosterone. It is the master hormone that controls many other aspects of a man’s life. Without this hormone, a good number of body processes would not proceed smoothly. 966 more words


A Great Article About Vitamins And Minerals

The food you eat sets the tone for how your body feels and works each day. If you want to live a healthy life, this article has tips that you need to know about minerals and vitamins. 689 more words

Alternative Testosterone

FDA Adds New Warnings to All Testosterone Product Labels

Testosterone and other AAS, which have a schedule III classification by the Controlled Substances Act, may be abused by adults and adolescents, including athletes and body builders.

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What You Should Know About Testosterone Therapy in Wilmington, NC

It is not uncommon for older men to experience a significant decline in energy from their younger days. In fact, they may experience a host of other symptoms as well. 298 more words

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