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RE-routed plans, or: when transition is put on HOLD

Things have been progressing quite well toward accessing testosterone. I had my six required psychological appointments and got THE letter that ensures I’m sane and can proceed to the land of HRT. 739 more words


1-Year Post-Op

And what a year it’s been.

So I’m not great at selfies. Anyways, it shocks me looking at this how light my scars are. Sensation? Not so much. 405 more words


Week 35: Speech-Giving as a Man

A brief exploration of new benefits of being perceived as male.

Yesterday I wrote a speech two hours before I gave it. The speech was not completely pulled out of my ass, mind you; the content of the speech was something I had been thinking about for a long time. 819 more words

FDA Warns: If Your "Low T" Is Just From Getting Older, Don't Use Prescription Testosterone

In recent years, makers of prescription testosterone treatments like AndroGel began throwing around the term “Low T” in TV ads, blaming low levels of the hormone for various problems — sex drive, flagging energy, moodiness — that have long been associated with simply growing older. 539 more words

FDA Warns About Overuse Of Testosterone Supplements

By Dr. Brian McDonough

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Food and Drug Administration is warning about the overuse of testosterone-boosting drugs used by millions of men in the US. 107 more words


FDA Warns Against Testosterone Overuse- can cause heart problems

The Food and Drug Administration is warning doctors against over-prescribing testosterone-boosting drugs for men, saying the popular treatments have not been established as safe or effective for common age-related issues like low libido and fatigue. 206 more words