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Emotions and taking testosterone

Lately, I’ve felt an increased breadth of emotionality, and I’ve been wanting to embrace that and document it.  At this point, I’ve been on injections for about 2 months.   611 more words


Ayurvedic Treatment For Low Testosterone To Increase Sexual Stamina In Men

Sexual stamina is necessary to carry out lovemaking as without energy, men cannot get satisfactory results in bed. This is because lovemaking needs passion that comes from energy stored in body. 465 more words


Testosterone Enanthate VS Cypionate /Yuki/Landmarkchem

Testosterone Enanthate VS Cypionate

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Testosterone enanthate raw steroid powder yuancheng owen@yccreate.com

Testosterone enanthate
Chemical name: 17b-Hydroxyandrost-4-en-3-one-17-ethanate
CAS No.: 315-37-7
M.F.: C26H40O3
M.W.: 400.59
Assays: 99.08%
Reference Standard: EP5
Appearance: White to yellowish-white crystalline powder


A Hairy Situation

One of the worst things I have found about PCOS, more so than the weight gain, is the hairiness! I hate it! For as long as I can remember I have always had a faint moustache (which resulted in years of bleaching throughout high school, only to still be picked on by it) and in later years, waxing it. 392 more words


March 17, 2017

On March 14, 2017 I noticed that my metabolism got faster. But I would account that to the better quality food that I have been eating. 274 more words


Man the Athlete

5450 words

Homo nerdicus or Homo athleticus? Which name more aptly describes Man? Without many important adaptations incurred throughout our evolutionary history, modern Man as you see him wouldn’t be here today. 5,641 more words