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Every person wants to have healthy hair. When you are young your hair usually looks nice, but, unfortunately, very often some people, especially men, notice that they start losing hair.

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7 Months, 3 days


(The last picture on the right is what I took 3 days ago)

Long time, no post!  It was a very intensely busy last couple of months. 477 more words

Testosterone Enanthate

Good Price 99% Purity Weight Loss Anabolic Steroid Testosterone Enanthate

1.Quick Information:

English name: Testosterone Enanthate
Alias: Test Enanthate
CAS No.: 315-37-7
Molecular formula: C26H40O3… 241 more words

Anabolic Steroid Powders

First Shot

I got my prescription for testosterone and I pick it up from the pharmacy on Thursday.

I am somewhat excited and nervous. I’ve been waiting for this day for weeks and now that it’s here I just want to get it over with. 38 more words


Look At That Smile

It’s been a while since our coveted trip to the Psychiatrist and my mind is finally starting to cease it’s incessant chatter. Somehow the left and right side of my brain have agreed to agree so I can take a break from my thoughts. 785 more words


Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) - Part 1

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for transmen is the administration of the male sex hormone testosterone (or “T”). For a child GD (Gender Dysphoria) patient, suppression of female sex hormone or administration of puberty blocking drugs, will be done till the person becomes legally old enough to self-declare his gender. 415 more words


Top Surgery without T - GIC policies

There have been discussions on a number of trans groups recently with regard to Gender Identity Clinic (GIC approaches) to top surgery without testosterone for people assigned female at birth. 1,240 more words