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Pills & PMDD

Yet another post about medication. I will still write all those other posts I had in mind, the ones about feminism and counter-movements; and posts to add to my how-to category, and posts to recommend awesome sites and products. 375 more words


First Nebido injection (Dec 2nd 2016)

So 257 days after starting testogel, I had my first nebido injection. I will now slowly phase out the testogel, which will take about 3 weeks. 182 more words


12 Reasons I Want Testosterone

I still hate listicles. But I guess I changed my mind on the other thing. So, here are my reasons.

1. I keep getting misgendered and it flipping sucks donkey balls… 768 more words


Blasting Prostate Cancer with Testosterone

Here’s an interesting development in the field of prostate cancer research. The headline is a bit sensationalistic, but the researchers seem to be seeing “unexpected” and “exciting” results. 93 more words


One Week Post-Op: Reveal

Yesterday was the day!  First, I could finally take a T shot after over three weeks without.  Then, I had my appointment to take off the huge stack of bandages I had wrapped around my chest and got to see my results for the first time.   778 more words


I´m with Stupid

I just watched a 30:00 minutes long feature about the site where I usually order testosterone. I felt the episode, albeit on a pretty good network, was incredibly biased – the final verdict implied that no one should ever buy anything from online services, even if you are completely sure that these cooperate with legit pharmacies. 350 more words


Natural Testosterone Booster Remedies To Improve Male Stamina Safely

Testosterone is produced in the testes of men. The production of testosterone is at its peak during puberty. Testosterone levels start declining after the age of 30 years in men. 455 more words

Improve Male Stamina