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The Unexplained Puzzle Into Male Enhacnement Excercises

Who Else Wants to Learn About Male Enhacnement Excercises?

The most important proof of their efficacy is there are hundreds of sites that provide exclusive penile enhancement programs to men wanting to have an elevated penis size as well as a healthy sexual daily life. 501 more words

The Way Of Men

The Way of Men didn’t change or challenge a lot of my perspectives, instead it reinforced most of my ideologies and core values. Needless to say it was a pleasant and easy read, that I’ve put it on the back burner for too long. 617 more words

Book Reviews

Survival of the Fittest...Alpha Male Explained

How to increase  your Testosterone and why it matters. 

I try to keep this site gender friendly, however there are some subjects that I need to help my fellow brochachos out.

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Signs And Symptoms Of Low Testosterone And Natural Supplements

There are a lot of men all over the world who suffer from the problem of low testosterone levels in their body. While at first the problem doesn’t seem too obvious and apparent, there are some signs of low testosterone in the body that one can’t miss. 475 more words


Best Natural Remedies For Low Testosterone Level In Men

People have become more open to talking about sex and lovemaking these days. Unlike earlier times where everyone used to be shy when talking about such issues, people have now accepted the fact that sex is an important part of their lives, and to be able to enjoy it better, it is important to be more vocal about it. 459 more words


The Legal Prohormones Diaries

Prohormones are toxic along with your body will probably be working extremely difficult to process everything. They are relatively inexpensive, with the cost of a cycle running $30-$40. 583 more words

OCD + Shark Week

This week was incredibly F-U-N. I´m on testosterone for a month now, and there aren´t a lot of new changes that I have noticed. After I upped my dose to 50mg, I crashed for a week (adjustment of the immune system) and then started to feel fairly normal. 352 more words