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Happy Birthday To Me (3 Years)

Content warning for dysphoria and ace bandage binding

So on February 23 of 2014, I walked to the CVS by my school and bought one of the thick ace bandages for wrapping your knee, drove home, and did drag for the first time. 494 more words


The rule, not the exception

Another week in February, another week of infertility. I’ve been on an information gathering mission recently and came across a bunch of things regarding liquorice root and white peony for PCOS. 373 more words


Breathing Deep

I take in a huge lung-full of air, puff out chest, and hold.

And release…

This is something I’ve started to do randomly, because I’ve not been breathing properly for the past one/one and a half years. 496 more words

10 Ways to Boost Testosterone Levels

For bodybuilders and resistance trainers, the size of muscles plays a big role. The bigger the bulge the higher is the satisfaction they drive from their hard efforts. 80 more words

Boost Testosterone

Testosterone-enhancing Diet

The most shocking ways of lowering testosterone that are not well-advertised include:

  • Alchohol
  • Grain-fed beef and milk (including all milk products made from grain-fed milk)
  • 1,799 more words

Estrogen Dominance In Men

How it is ruining your health and virility, and what you need to do to prevent It

Estrogen dominance is often thought of as a female-only disorder, however men suffer with it as well, and overexposure to estrogen-like compounds (xenoestrogens), has made it increasingly common. 349 more words

Men's Health

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

What is testosterone replacement therapy?
Testosterone replacement therapy is used for replacing the lack of body’s own testosterone with synthetic drugs. Testosterone therapy can completely replace the natural testosterone and cure the symptoms o…