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Is there anything special about testosterone for bodybuilding purpose?

Testosterone is a male hormone and in a small amount is also produced in the female body. It has amazing bodybuilding benefits and over the years most of the athletes and bodybuilders are using it. 275 more words


Why is the modern Pakistani man falling behind?

There is a lot of focus on social media regarding Pakistani women. From women empowerment, to movements, fitness and what not. Even the infamous Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy is an icon. 3,080 more words


How Much Do You Know About Tribulus Terrestris Universal?

Have you heard about testosterone booster supplement called Tribulus Terrestris supplied by Universal Nutrition? Universal Nutrition is well known as a manufacturer of sport nutrition products. 387 more words


Information About Testosterone And The Usage Of Steroids

A lot of people commonly know what testosterone is, and how it influences the body and contributes to real and mental development. On the other hand, the same hormonal that causes males (and females) to grow properly can be risky if utilized in the wrong way. 350 more words


Your Guide For Using Dianabol Safely For Bulking

Most seasoned bodybuilders and athletes swear by the benefits of Dianabol. It is an anabolic compound that promises incredible muscle gain in a short time and is great for nitrogen retention. 369 more words

Amateurs are doping and beating you! Sorry, they're not sorry!

This past week I stumbled on this very controversial documentary by Bryan Fogel. If you play any sport or watch any sport it’s a must watch. 401 more words

25 Weeks HRT, Not Quite How I Planned It, But...

I will get to the story about something unexpected later on…

So I’ve been on HRT for 25 weeks now, currently getting .2 mg estradior per day through transdermal patches and I take a 50 mg pill of spiro 2x daily. 832 more words