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Is it the T? A hit n run story

Yesterday a guy in a box van (that oddly looks like the emoji pictured) drove into the oncoming lane of traffic to cut around our car on a one lane road, side swiping us, damaging the front end and driver side! 1,340 more words


Creamy Avocado Soup & Roasted Pepper

Creamy avocado and slow-cooked peppers make a delicious combination in this rich, velvety soup. Serve it right out of the slow cooker or refrigerate and serve cold. 364 more words


Sunday is T day & How I got here

(Photo I took of myself today)

I was anxious before this injection because last week it hurt pretty bad for a few days after. It has only been seven weeks now that I’ve been injecting T. 948 more words


Old photos & Healing wounds

(Photo I took of a burning photo)

Content Warning: sexual trauma|

Cleaning out some things the other day, I found a childhood photo of me, my siblings, some cousins, and my father. 329 more words


Profound Performance by Gary S. Smolker

“The Man Who Grasps Principles Can Successfully Select His Own Methods” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Gary Smolker, Cultural Anthropologist

I am a cultural anthropologist.

Below is a copy of photographs I posted on Instagram @garyspassion, in the past two weeks, and an edited summary of the comments I made in each post. 1,179 more words


Steroid Mythconceptions and Racial Differences in Steroid Use

2000 words

Steroids get a bad reputation. It largely comes from movies and people’s anecdotal experiences and repeating stories they hear from the media and other forms of entertainment, usually stating that there is a phenomenon called ‘roid rage’ that makes steroid users violent. 1,992 more words

Race Realism

A glimpse into the future

(Throwback B&W photo of me in Nov 2013, taken by G or me)

I’ve scoured forums and blogs looking for info I can relate to. It is a relief for me whenever I find stories that reflect what I’m going through and at the same time… I haven’t found anything that speaks to my unique situation exactly. 150 more words