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CHEMFORCE is a Muscle Mass and Bone Health Inducer It is a precise & amp; powerful blend of cutting edge natural ingredients designed to support healthy testosterone activity levels. 43 more words


No choice in your voice.

No choice in your voice.


You’re the aphrodisiac they never told me about.

The one you don’t ingest but gets in there anyway.

Somehow with vicinity the pores pen and doors of the mind crumble like negativity unrumbles and chords of desire pull taut. 51 more words


Minoxidil Day I

Considering it´s been only two years on testosterone (on July the 26th), I can grow pretty decent facial hair. I already had a bit of a goatee going on Pre-T, which started to spread at about six to eight months; after came the neck-beard and then finally sideburns at about one and a half year in. 384 more words


Exercise for better beard growth

Growing a beard takes patience but if you want to help it along, do exercise, specifically lift weights.  Cardio is good for weight loss but lifting heavy weights will increase your testosterone. 268 more words

Transitioning With Testosterone - What Can I Expect?

While my most recent posts discussed my transition from female to male to genderqueer in a good amount of detail, I realized this week that I didn’t go very deeply into WHAT exactly testosterone did for me, physically. 2,170 more words


Starting Testosterone 06.07.18

Starting Testosterone

June 6th, 2018 – Thursday

Today I started Testosterone! This was a huge decision for me, and although I was doubtful leading up to the moment, I left my doctor’s office with a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. 1,002 more words


5 Proven Supplements That Increase Testosterone Naturally.

Here, we do things naturally, and naturally we are going to demand the best available methods that give us an edge, but only as nature intended. 1,140 more words