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You Likely Don’t Know These Facts about Testosterone

When people hear the word ‘testosterone’ they often first think ‘aggression.’ Indeed, there is a link between the hormone and the behavior in competitive situations like between peers or for a sexual partner. 56 more words


Have you considered the Seriousness of Low Testosterone?

Men like to make jokes about Low Testosterone but a deficiency in this hormone is no laughing matter. Finding yourself unable to perform can be an alarming first for many men. 46 more words


Over 40 and...Always Tired? Overweight? Feeling Weak? Not Feeling Like Your "Old Self?" Read this!

Many middle-aged men like yourself are suffering from the symptoms mentioned above, and today more than ever before. Although there may be various causes that you should DEFINITELY consult your doctor a about, a major cause of these symptoms in middle-aged men is something called “hypogonadism (1).” Sounds a bit scary right? 857 more words


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7 Ways Positive Body Language Will Radically Improve Your Life

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Amy Cuddy, a Harvard psychologist, has devoted her studies to the impact body language has on your confidence, influence, and, ultimately, success. Her biggest findings center on the powerful effects of positive body language. 553 more words

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It is not uncommon for men to experience erectile dysfunction and low libido as they age. Though reduced blood flow is one among the key factors affecting sexual function in men, testosterone levels additionally influence sex drive and erectile function to a large extent. 531 more words