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Homework, Week of 10/26 - 10/30


  1. Complete this short “exit slip” on today’s lesson for a homework grade.

Rest of week:

  1. Study for vocabulary quiz (Wednesday)

  2. Review synthesis source packet…

  3. 49 more words

Rhetorical Terms Fair Quiz

The quiz will take place in class on Wednesday, November 4. Cross-reference your notes with someone from another class to avoid any careless errors. … 7 more words


How to make self grading quizzes and tests

I like to find easy ways to do things and I think I’ve found one here.  Using Google forms you can make self-grading tests and quizzes that will not only grade the quiz or test but it will send the student an email with their score. 80 more words

Online Resource

4 Letter Personality Test

Take the test for yourself here.

I have characteristics of more than one personality type: ISFJ and INFJ.

It’s pretty accurate, I’d say. Both ISFJ and INFJ results are what I am, I guess.


6th Grade Quiz

There will be a quiz on Friday. It will be on the information from your speech packet. If you want to review, read the passage in the Speech Project Packet. (see earlier post)

6th Grade Map Quiz

There will be a map quiz on the 20 countries we’ve been working on. Here is the map game to help you study.


6th Grade Map Quiz/Project

We have started to learn the countries in Europe. We will have a quiz next week (Wednesday) on our first 10 countries.

Here is the… 35 more words