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Chapter 5: Pilgrimage to Yellowstone

June 23

Tourists stare at a roadside diagram of The Holy City, in reality a pile of rocks that looks like a feedlot shortly after dinner. 2,888 more words

Gone Wild Book Text

Backpacking in the Grand Teton National Park (attempting to climb the Grand)

Backpacking is like day hiking on steroids. The load you carry is considerably larger and the trails tend to be longer and much, much more steep. 1,414 more words


Grand Teton via Complete Exum Ridge

My alarm goes of at 01:00. I roll over to shut it off and feel surprisingly refreshed for having only slept three hours. Perhaps it’s the excitement and anticipation. 2,104 more words


A View Through the Trees

Overlooking the Snake River, a view of the Tetons through the trees.


[Guest Post by Layla Samoska] My Trip to Yellowstone

This is a guest post written by my daughter, Layla. She went on a special trip this summer with her grandparents. Below are some things she wanted to share about her trip, as well as pictures she took. 918 more words

Raising Children

Pitching A Tent Under The Tetons During The Solar Eclipse Will Cost You $300

Back in the day holy men and women viewed solar eclipses as bad omens. Crops would die, animals would turn violent, and pregnant mothers were believed to miscarry as a result of the natural phenomenon. 167 more words


Chapter i - In search of solitude

I woke up to the familiar chime of my iPhone alarm at 7:02 AM. I reached over to pick it up, and sleepily avoided the now empty whiskey glass that had kept me company during Game of Thrones the night before. 1,397 more words