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Here’s How I am Keeping The Promise Of Good Health For My Family

Milk has a very special place in our homes. Be it our morning tea, evening coffee or tall glasses for our kids. We cannot think of a day without milk. 558 more words


The Restless Perfidy Of Engineers

The weekend hotel break has become a drug of necessity for stressed out people everywhere. Thanks to our glorious new economic dispensation, everybody – unless they’re Bill Gates – is working ever longer hours for far less money. 820 more words

Is the Industry ready to implement Extended Producer Responsibility policies in India?

What is Extended Producer Responsibility?

The concept of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)  is that the responsibility of the producer of a product is extended beyond conventional sales to its post-consumer or end-of-life (EOL) stage. 911 more words


Know thy recyclables (Part 3): Miscellaneous

Here it is, the final installment of my 3 part series on recyclables, focusing on those miscellaneous items that have a little more mystery around their recycling status. 450 more words


Friends of SACI Member, Edoardo Malagigi, Presents Progetto Tetrapak Workshops at Centro Pecci

Artist Edoardo Malagigi, member of Friends of SACI, will host a series of five workshops on the expressive potential of the TETRAPAK, a type of plasticized cardboard that is easily manipulated, at  321 more words

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The Glass of Milk

The nutritional value of milk is so well-known that it has been the staple of our diets from times immemorial. My home is no exception. However, getting my family to drink milk willingly has been quite a chore because my daughter and my mother despise it with equal zeal and my father, a tea lover, can’t stop complaining about the fluctuating taste of every cup he drinks. 759 more words


Recycled Chipboards- An alternative to Plywood

The Current Scenario:

The construction industry is a major source of pollution, responsible for about 4% of particulate emissions. Also, construction activities pollute the soil. At present, the construction and demolition waste generated is about 520 Million Tonnes annually. 566 more words