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The Vivacious Relic of the Seas

For a long time, scientists only knew Coelacanth from fossils, assuming that they went extinct over 60 million years ago. However, in 1938, a live Coelacanth was captured near South Africa, as described in… 423 more words


Ichthyostega and Acanthostega: secondarily more aquatic

More heresy here
as the large reptile tree (LRT, 1036 taxa) flips the traditional order of fins-to-feet upside down. Traditionally the late Devonian Ichthyostega and… 562 more words

Reptile Family Tree

Japan scientists plans to turn ocean wave energy into electricity

ocean wave energy

A team of researchers want to make the ocean an affordable source of renewable energy. Engineers at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology have already harnessed the energy of ocean currents using underwater turbines. 282 more words

Tulerpeton restoration

A reconstruction
puts the in situ bones back into their in vivo places.

A restoration
imagines the bones and soft tissues that are missing from the data. 220 more words

Basal Tetrapod

Sampling strategy and evolutionary transitions

Earlier this year, we published an article on eye size evolution of early tetrapods in PNAS. Dan-Eric Nilsson wrote a very nice commentary on the paper in… 374 more words


My Swim Gym Can Heal your Spine - Part 1

Nine months ago I joined a gym. I didn’t join to use its machines, but mainly to swim, use the sauna and steam room. However the gym also offered yoga classes, so I have returned to a yoga practice that I abandoned about 10 years ago. 674 more words

The Coal Age Galapagos

The sea cliffs at Joggins, Nova Scotia are a thing to behold – kilometers of gently inclined, layer-cake geology recording thousands of years of a Carboniferous coal swamp’s ebb and flow. 620 more words