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Origin of tetrapods based on a broken bone

Bishop et al. (2015) claimed to push the date for the origin of terrestrial tetrapods back into the Carboniferous (333 mya) by two million years. This is an odd assertion when the… 262 more words

Reptile Family Tree

Notes on Limusaurus (Dinosauria, Theropoda) and its odd little hand

Limusaurus inextricabilis (Xu et al. 2009; earliest Late Jurassic, Oxfordian; 1.7m in est. length; IVPP V 15923; Figs. 1, 2) is an herbivorous theropod with very tiny arms and hands in the lineage of proto-birds. 727 more words

Reptile Family Tree

From fins to legs

That title reminds me of an old hardware store we use to have in St. Louis called Central Hardware. Their catch phrase wasfrom scoops to nuts… 39 more words


Nature, red in tooth and claw

“You’re trying to live without enemies. That’s all you think about, not having enemies.” Isaac Babel, Red Cavalry

“Enemies are the most important agencies of selection.” Geerat Vermeij, … 164 more words

When fish began to walk

In this interactive module, explore the anatomical changes in four-limbed animals (tetrapods) as they evolved from fish.


For more resources from BioInteractive and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, please visit their website at: … 45 more words


Give us a Hand, Gar: More Insights into the Evolution of Tetrapod Limbs

About 360 million years ago some fish-like creatures crawled out of the water and explored a vast new world. The transition from water to land is well documented in the fossil record with some amazing specimens, such as  342 more words


Who came first?

One of the things that interest me most in education today, and specifically about education in evolutionary biology, is trying to diminish or even to abolish the adverse effects of this terrible and nefarious conception called s… 799 more words

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