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Schwan Lake, Santa Cruz

I admit it, I am embarrassed.  How is it possible that I, someone who prides herself on being well informed about our local area, could be so ignorant? 903 more words

History Walks

Essay 13: On Amniotes

The reason that reptiles, birds, and even mammals are able to live terrestrial lives is due to the fact that they are all amniotes, that is, they all produce an amniotic egg. 339 more words


The Wave Breakers

If you’re at Nariman Point to check out the beautiful Arabian Sea sunset or for a stroll along Marine Drive, you will note these peculiar odd looking (‘alien’ looking has been used to describe them too) structures, thousands of them, line the  coastline. 255 more words


Climbing Cavefish: The Blind Fish’s Weird Walk

Unique anatomical features have been identified in a species of cavefish in Thailand; the features allow the animals to walk and climb waterfalls in a way not so different to the movements of tetrapods, the collective name for four-footed mammals and amphibians. 256 more words


A fish with hips

by Greg Mayer

The four-legged land vertebrates– amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals, collectively known as tetrapods— get around, at least mostly, on their four legs. 550 more words


Microraptor: not a 'raptor'??

the large reptile tree nested two putative dromaeosaurs with composgnathid/tyrannosaurs, Tianyuraptor and Zhenyuanlong. Today the famous four-wiinged dinosaur/bird Microraptor (Figs. 1, 2) is added to that list, nesting between… 569 more words

Reptile Family Tree

Adding Compsognathus longipes to the large reptile tree

Updated 1.17.2016 with a revised figures based on higher resolution data. On this date, Compsognathus was nested with Struthiomimus.

For many decades
Compsognathus longipes…
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Reptile Family Tree