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Microraptor: not a 'raptor'??

the large reptile tree nested two putative dromaeosaurs with composgnathid/tyrannosaurs, Tianyuraptor and Zhenyuanlong. Today the famous four-wiinged dinosaur/bird Microraptor (Figs. 1, 2) is added to that list, nesting between… 569 more words

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Adding Compsognathus longipes to the large reptile tree

Updated 1.17.2016 with a revised figures based on higher resolution data. On this date, Compsognathus was nested with Struthiomimus.

For many decades
Compsognathus longipes…
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Reptile Family Tree

News Round-up November 1st-7th

Hello, and welcome to the #bioscinews round-up! This is the place where you can find all the important biosci new stories from the past week, in a short, digestible paragraph. 202 more words


New Evolution of Humans Video on YouTube

The origin of mammals from cynodonts is universally accepted.
The origin of humans from primates is universally accepted among paleontologists, not among religious conservatives. Perhaps… 261 more words


A Broken Bone and the Origins of Life on Land

Around 300 million years ago the very first vertebrates made their way from the seas onto the land. They weren’t the first animals to make the transition, insects had beaten them to it several million years before, but they were the first animals with a backbone to make the evolutionary leap and at least one of those species was also our ancestor. 871 more words



As I’ve said before no doubt, turtles have been one of my favorite animals since I was a youngster. When I saw this article over at the… 35 more words


Origin of tetrapods based on a broken bone

Bishop et al. (2015) claimed to push the date for the origin of terrestrial tetrapods back into the Carboniferous (333 mya) by two million years. This is an odd assertion when the… 262 more words

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