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This Japanese pufferfish could be the ultimate painkiller

The answer to severe pain might just be hidden within the sometimes-lethal Japanese pufferfish, or fugu as its known locally.

Fugu is a fish that’s notorious for its poisonous insides that are more deadly than cyanide. 164 more words


Creation: Look at the beautiful 'crop circle' a little Pufferfish makes with just his fins!

The male Japanese Pufferfish is grey instead of brightly-colored. So he must use his ingenuity to attract females for mating.

Using just his fins and working 24 hours a day for an entire week, the little fish creates an astonishingly complex and beautiful “crop-circle” sand design in the sea bed. 234 more words

God's Creation

O = Octopus (Blue-Ringed), A to Z Blog Challenge

Ack! Tomorrow I will be making two entries: one for the A-Z thing — which I’m really enjoying, even if nobody else cares — and another about my new short story, Threads of Discord, which comes out as part of the… 612 more words

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Tetrodotoxin: The Paralytic Pufferfish Poison

Take a look at this photo. Who couldn’t love this face? Really, who? Such a cute little fella. And I’m talking about the pufferfish, not the dude with the pipe. 1,004 more words

Featured Poison

Tetrodotoxin: a potent defence for pufferfish... and other organisms

Tetrodotoxin is a lethal pufferfish defence chemical

In Japanese cuisine, the iconic pufferfish Fugu (which refers to several species) is notorious because if improperly prepared its consumption can have fatal consequences. 475 more words


Real Zombie Stories

Nowadays, zombies are everywhere. In the movies we watch. In the stories we read. And even in the songs we listen to. Can anyone forget… 585 more words

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Pufferfish (family Tetraodontidae)

Is there any fish more recognizable and awkward looking as the pufferfish? My guess is no. Both when puffed and when in a normal state, the pufferfish just looks silly. 506 more words