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Final Fantasy: Cloud Strife Zack Fair- Interminable Solidarity

Check out this original artwork from Malcolm Scot Newton (ProcerDeCrepusculum) of Cloud Strife (On the left) and Zack Fair (On the right) from Final Fantasy. 25 more words

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Tetsuya Nomura chúc mừng sinh nhật Cloud Strife

Nhà thiết kế nhân vật của Final Fantasy VII, Tetsuya Nomura hôm qua đã chúc mừng sinh nhật Cloud Strife, nhân vật do chính ông tạo ra, bằng một bức hình vẽ phác thảo. 114 more words


Final Fantasy’s Cloud gets special illustrated birthday card from designer Tetsuya Nomura

If you’re putting together a profile for a video game or anime character, the inclusion of certain bits of information are optional, such as favorite food, hobby, or… 364 more words


Kingdom Hearts news: No Remixes for PS4

With D23 coming up quickly, it starts on 8/14-16, I felt I should tell Kingdom Hearts fans some news. With the Remix games released, 1.5 and 2.5, you would assume Square Enix would port these games for PS4. 80 more words


Final Fantasy VII Remake, The Stuff That Should Change

Yesterday I talked about some of the things that I think should stay the same in the upcoming remake of Final Fantasy VII. While the game was groundbreaking in 1997, quickly earning a status that is sustained to this day by fans, there are some aspects of the game that have not aged very well at all. 741 more words

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Drastic Changes to FFVII Remake Says Nomura

Final Fantasy VII’s remake has been demanded for the better part of a decade now. Since the debut of the sequel film, Advent Children, and the two spin off stories, fans have been crying out to Square Enix to give them the original game with next gen technology. 502 more words

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