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Texas - Chapter 5: Crossroads


The river provided life to this new world.  It was fitting that it also marked the way at the beginning of the journey.  The fact that water had power was not lost on the weaver, nor was the fact that, for the most part, the path of the water followed the sacred shape that the first ones laid out in the time of Radix, the beginning and the source. 2,438 more words


Texas - Chapter 4: Things Don't Go Smooth

Things Don’t Go Smooth


The first gust of smoke-filled mist knocked William Thunder sideways and nearly off of his feet. It was a wet, violent slap, heavy with menace and crackling with the raw vibrations of a wounded world.  3,335 more words


Texas - Chapter 3: Good Intentions

Good Intentions


Standing in their chosen places, the three who were one rocked in time with the mournful keening that resonated through the gatepost and, in turn, through each of them.  1,437 more words


Texas - Chapter 2: Thunder Crashes

Thunder Crashes

The silver Chevy Suburban half-ton turned on to the forest service road and slowed to an easy stop.  The man behind the steering wheel reached his hand out and gently tapped a red-brown finger against the glowing touchscreen on the center of the dashboard.  2,352 more words


San Marcos seeks citizen help with water quality testing

SAN MARCOS (KXAN) – The City of San Marcos Water Department is calling upon residents who are served by the City’s public water system to assist with an important public drinking water monitoring program. 188 more words


$6K in Six Days to Fund Molly Ivins Documentary

Molly Ivins died eight years ago. Why should you care? And why should you even consider kickstarting a documentary about her life and work?

Eminently quotable, and made to be memed, Molly’s folksy writing and wry speeches, deceptively simple, were built on a foundation of the strongest journalistic standards, academic training, and decades of research, observation, and experience. 269 more words


Police: pastor shoots burglary suspect at Baytown church

BAYTOWN, Texas (AP) — Police say a pastor sleeping in his office at a Houston-area church awoke to confront a burglary suspect and then shot the man. 95 more words