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Saturday ain't supposed to suck!

Today is Saturday. Most of the time I enjoy Saturdays but not this one. I am on pins and needles about my marriage. I am going out of town in three days and once I get back, I start work so I need to get my life and house in order in three days….um have you read my blog, personal journal, text messages lately?? 752 more words

Last of the Latebloomers

So here she is, the last, the very last, of the daylilies in my garden to put out their first flower for 2011. Sheridan Square is a reserved daylily. 141 more words


Singin' in the Rain

On Monday, we were blessed with a beautiful, soothing rain, a steady daylong drizzle. You could almost hear the overheated earth sigh with relief. The fine mist of rain was perfect for the garden, with no driving downpour to beat down stalks; just a gentle wash of much-needed moisture. 76 more words


Daylilies, Continued.

Note: You can see more daylilies on their own page. Click on the tab labelled Daylilies above the Willow House Chronicles header.

As the daylily season continues, I’ve been enjoying new faces in the garden. 61 more words


Fairwell to Bay - Over at Center Field

Small post I did for Texas Gal out in Center Field, as she helps Red Sox Nation get into a Pirate state of mind to welcome their new fielder, Jason Bay.  8 more words


Sweet Relief - Baysbawl Is Back

Today is not a national holiday… but it should be.

A day to get up to watch a ballgame being played halfway around the world, that starts at the ungodly hour of 6 a.m. 150 more words