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Texas Gulf Coast Holiday

We started the year off right with a Christmas and New Year’s trip to the Texas Gulf Coast. First we spent several days in Port Aransas with my parents. 354 more words


Haiku: Gulf Coast in Winter

A recent road trip to the Bolivar Peninsula on the Texas Gulf Coast resulted in lots and lots of photos of birds and a haiku.  I swear the brown pelicans were posing for me in silhouette. 26 more words


Reddish Egret vs. Great White Egret

While taking photos of a Reddish Egret fishing, a Great Egret flew in to challenge the Reddish for the best fishing spot.  The Great Egret won this confrontation. 72 more words


White Morph Reddish Egret

Found two White Morph Reddish Egrets at Bolivar Flats last weekend while guiding my old buddy Newton.  He brought along Ruth Hoyt, who is an excellent professional photographer/guide at south Texas ranches, like Laguna Seca, where I first met her.  223 more words


Beach weekend.

We spent the weekend at Port Aransas – to see wooden boats, birds, waves and to soak up some salt air.   I love autumn on the Texas gulf coast.


Sargent, TX: The Gulf's Best Place You've Never Heard Of

The Texas Gulf Coast is a hotspot for vacation homes. The great beaches and proximity to major cities have caused prices to skyrocket. The middle class is essentially priced out of the entire coastline with most beachfront properties costing upwards of $300,000.   257 more words