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Today in Texas History - December 12

From the Annals of the Streetcars –  In 1910, the “Toonerville Trolley” streetcar line began operating between Houston and the suburban community of Bellaire .In 1909 the Westmoreland Railroad Company, directed by Bellaire developer William Wright Baldwin, began construction of a streetcar line between the intersection of Bellaire Blvd and South Rice Ave and Houston’s Main Street 4 miles to the east to improve transportation between Bellaire and Houston.  55 more words

REMINDER: The Alamo (2004) Permission Form

All students are required to have a permission form signed by their parent/guardian in order to view the film The Alamo (2004) during mid-term week (December 18-21). 14 more words

Texas History

Today in Texas History - December 11

From the Annals of the Chiefs – In 1737,  Spanish military forces captured Cabellos Colorados.   CC was a Lipan Apache chief who had staged repeated raids on the Spanish outpost at San Antonio de Bexar.   100 more words

Extra Credit: Texas History 12-11-17 (This is the final extra credit for the fall semester)

Follow the links below that correspond to your class to complete the extra credit. Only do the extra credit that corresponds to your Texas History class period. 103 more words

Texas History

Texas History 12-11/12-15

This week in Texas History we will conclude the Texas Revolution with the Treaty of Velasco.

Texas History

Fourteenth Post: A Biscuit for Your Shoe, Part 2, Beatrice Upshaw

If you haven’t read Part 1 of this series you should do that first. This post is a continuation of the story of Uncle Claude’s store in the community of County Line in northwest Nacogdoches County in deep East Texas as remembered by Beatrice Upshaw from when she was growing up there. 863 more words

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Unit 5 Test-Texas History

The Unit 5 Texas History Test will be given on December 18-21 during the “short periods” in the afternoons of the mid-term week schedule. See below. 20 more words

Texas History