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Today in Texas History - March 5

From the Annals of the Republic –  In 1842, a Mexican force of at least 500 soldiers under the command of Gen. Rafael Vasquez seized control of San Antonio.   75 more words

Texas History

Los Tejanos: Juan Seguin, Jack Jackson and Texas History

This time of year I often think about Juan Seguin and Sam Houston, the moral bellwethers of the Texas Revolution. Where Houston found a measure of redemption in the revolt against Mexico, Seguin ended up sowing the seeds of his own undoing. 273 more words

The Alamo

Today in Texas History - March 4

From the Annals of “Warm Piss” – In 1933, John Nance Garner of Uvalde was sworn in as Vice President of the United States.  Nicknamed “Cactus Jack” he was the first Texan to hold the position.  220 more words

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Today in Texas History - March 3

From the Annals of the Forgotten War – In 1899, Congress authorized the formation of the Thirty-Third Infantry Regiment which became known as the Texas Regiment.  103 more words

Texas History

Happy Texas Independence Day, Y'all!

Today is March 2nd, a.k.a. Texas Independence Day! On this day in history, Texas declared and gained its independence from Mexico, and became it’s own republic. 71 more words


The Birthplace Of A Nation

March 2, 1836. 179 years ago. If you aren’t from Texas, this date probably doesn’t mean much to you but if you are a Texan it means a lot. 618 more words