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How to play poker

Have you ever fancied playing poker but never got a chance to actually play one? Or you always wanted to make some easy cash but the rules and norms were too much of a hassle to learn and understand. 435 more words

No More Pocket Pairs, Please

So, I’ve started playing in a poker league several times per week. As someone who loves poker but who is too broke to enter “real” tournaments or play cash games (and who hasn’t as of yet met her billionaire prince/king/earl/duke who is going to rescue her from the mundanity of real life like the Hallmark Channel repeatedly says will happen) this is the next best thing. 507 more words


Depression and Poker

As someone, that suffers from depression and massive anxiety. I often cover it up with laughter, drinks or sarcasm but deep inside I am just not happy and have thought about suicide many times myself. 716 more words


hands galore #updowns

Screenshots from the last few days good and bad

I was curing big time when 4 diamonds came down at a vital part of the tournament, then the chips got past to me and then IT CLICKED four of a kind! 15 more words

Texas Hold'em Poker at Thrill Poker

Starting from getting connected or gathering information to online shopping, everything is within your reach through the Internet. So why not your Casinos? No need to visit casinos or poker houses anymore. 280 more words

3 Situs Terbaik Texas Holdem Poker Terbaik 2016

Dengan melihat perkembangan jaman dan teknologi, maka permainan poker yang identik dengan permainan judi ini dikembangkan menjadi permainan judi online oleh http://idrpoker.com. Dimana permainan texas poker online ini cukup banyak  macamnya. 367 more words


How Jerry Jones is absolutely dealing the ultimate game of Texas Hold'em

Mastering the art of stacking the deck

Texas Hold’em is a form of poker where the first 2 cards dealt are the “Hold” cards kept to the player, and 5 community cards which are dealt face up in 3 stages. 995 more words

Dallas Cowboys