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Week 18: HUGE GAME! Fil wins the week! Quad Kings for Dugg!

Fil with his lucky mustache won week 18 and leapfrogged 10 spots to 6th Place for the season with his win.  Steve remains untouched in first place for the season.  508 more words

Week 17: Gino takes first and Rob cracks the top 5! Members fake sympathy for Steve's illness keeping him home!

Another week is on the books and there are 5 weeks left for the Fall season of the league.  Though some members are taking a good consistent lead in the standings, namely Steve, Don D, Barry and Tonia, the remaining top 13 currently are 1 win away from being in the top 5 and winning a Main Event Seat.  530 more words

Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!

There are the 3 top cards in poker that prevail in anyone’s 2 hold cards.
Everyone plays Aces, Kings, and Queens, some with almost any other card.  481 more words

Texas Hold'em

Week 14: Bob Scholz on a heater this week but Ken Brown stays in it for a chop!

This week started out as the Bob and Bob show at table 5-7 as Bob Scholz could do no wrong – starting with multiple straights, moving on the multiple flushes, then multiple Full Houses. 711 more words

Why You Suck at Poker

One thing I know. I suck at poker on Sundays. Last two Sundays have not been good for me. A combination of not enough focus and being distracted, plus being tired from late Saturday nights. 286 more words

Plan for Crushing Micro Stakes

THe graph above shows my success with in the last three months since I started playing online poker.With any business endeavor and behind every successful person and successful business, one thing is certain. 1,269 more words

My Poker Reign Begins

My Name is David> An avid online poker player. Username is David67. This is the beginning of my journey as a professional online poker player. I am starting this blog to document my path. 206 more words