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Saddle Blazer Marathon Race Recap - Time to Reset...

Saddle Blazer Marathon – February 27th, 2016 – Parrie Haynes Equestrian Center – Killeen, TX

So one theme about my writing is that I like to review the race, and then offer some insight on it and how I felt.  2,115 more words

Race Recap

Rocky Raccoon 50 Race Recap - Reflections on My First 50

Rocky Raccoon 50 – February 13th, 2016 – Huntsville State Park – Huntsville, TX

It took me a looong time as a runner to finally work up the courage to run a 50 mile race.  3,289 more words

Race Recap

Piney Woods Trail Fest (50k) Race Recap

Piney Woods Trail Fest (50k) – January 30th, 2016 – Lake Houston Wilderness Park – Houston, TX

I’m going to open this race review up with a little background.  1,752 more words

Race Recap

Running is Supposed to Be Fun! - The BCS Marathon Race Recap

The BCS (Bryant-College Station) Marathon – December 13th, 2015 – College Station Texas

Running is Supposed to Be Fun

My review and recap of the BCS Marathon will have a slightly different flavor than usual.   2,046 more words

Race Recap

Gutting it Out with the Gators - Brazos Bend 100 (26.2) Race Recap

Brazos Bend 100 – Brazos Bend State Park – Needville, TX – 12/12/15

Oh Texas

Texas – oh sweet Texas – what is not to love about you?  2,447 more words

Race Recap

Rocky Raccoon 50k - Rainy Win in the Piney Woods - Race Recap

Rocky Raccoon 50k – November 7, 2015 – Huntsville State Park

The Rocky Raccoon 50k is a fairly small and low key event put on by the East Texas Ultra Runners (ETUR) which base themselves out of Tyler, TX.  2,434 more words

Race Recap

Zombies made me do it...

Zombies made me do it.
No really its the Zombies’ fault.

In May 2014 I began training in earnest for the Plano Balloon Festival half Marathon. 385 more words