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WATCH: Texas cop joins high school marching band, absolutely nails it

Let it never be said that Atascosa County Sheriff’s Deputy A.J. Mendez isn’t trying to make his neighborhood safe for snappy drum lines.

Video of Officer Mendez slapping the skins with the Poteet High School band at a football game in D’Hanis, Texas on Saturday night has gone viral since it was posted to the… 145 more words


Common Transmission Problem: The clutch

Be aware of common transmission issues to avoid further car damage!

Common Transmission Problem: Problems with the clutch

If drivers experience powerful shaking underneath their car, chances are the clutch is jammed. 55 more words

Administrators Influence Textbooks

I never knew that textbooks could be influenced by school administrators. The latest controversy regarding McGraw-Hill with one of their history textbook shows us that altered textbooks are bad. 92 more words


17 foods every Texan misses when they're away from the Lone Star State

If you were fortunate enough to grow up in the great state of Texas, you know more than well how delicious food can be. However, if you also decided around the age of 18 that you wanted to “see other parts of the country” or “expand your horizons” then you quickly found out that food in Texas is simply superior to anywhere else in the country. 802 more words


The Texas Appeals Court Just OK'd Flag Burning

You’ve probably already guessed at the reason that Texas courts have ruled against the current law forbidding the destruction and desecration of flags. It’s the same reason many of us give for half the things that get us into trouble: “Free speech, man.” The American right that seems to cover just about everything. 273 more words