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How to Analyze Text

Statisticians love to analyze numbers, but what do they do when what they want to explore is unformatted text? It happens all the time. The text may come from open-ended responses on surveys, social networking sites, email, online reviews, public comments, notations (e.g., medical, customer relations), documents and text files, or even recorded and transcribed interactions. 1,358 more words

Practicum: Voyant Text Analysis, Due 2/14

We have had a chance to explore Voyant together with Frankenstein.txt or any website URL you would like to copy and paste into the tool for analysis. 572 more words


Words Donald Likes So Far!

Since 20/01/2017 07:31:53 AM Eastern Time until 06/02/2017  07:07:55 AM Eastern Time Donald has…

  • …published 106 Tweets with his realDonaldTrump Twitter account. (He has published at least two more in the time I’ve been drafting this).
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Text Analysis

The amount of word data produced by the human race is astronomical. The ability to rummage through all the data we have and will produce is outside of human comprehension and capability. 716 more words

Revolutions: Free guide to text mining with R

I know some of you out there are big R fans. Here’s a free guide to using R for text mining. “Jilia Silge and David Robinson are both dab hands at using R to analyze text, from tracking the happiness (or otherwise) of Jane Austen characters, to identifying whether Trump’s tweets came from him or a staffer. 40 more words

Useful Stuff

Phys.org: What did Big Data find when it analyzed 150 years of British history?

Phys.org: What did Big Data find when it analyzed 150 years of British history? “The main focus of the study was to establish if major historical and cultural changes could be detected from the subtle statistical footprints left in the collective content of local newspapers. 108 more words

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