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Excerpt from Jeanette Winterson’s ‘Sexing the cherry’ and word cloud of my previous blog post made on http://www.wordclouds.com

‘The people who throng the streets shout at each other, their voices rising from the mass of heads and floating upwards towards the church spires and the great copper bells… Their words, rising up, form a thick cloud over the city, which every so often must be thoroughly cleansed of too much language. 257 more words


Job Description Analysis

Recently, I was contacted for an analyst position with a large healthcare company. To get a feel of the position before the first interview, I started creeping LinkedIn profiles of individuals who currently or previously held this title. 746 more words


Stand-up Comedy Analysis

In this post, we delve into the most recent work of comedian Bill Burr, among others. Transcripts of his most recent comedy specials are provided by  1,699 more words


Text Analysis of LAX's Yelp Reviews

The purpose of this post is to exercise python skills in web scraping and text analysis.

1. Getting the data.

 Using python’s BeautifulSoup library, we can parse through the HTML layout, labeled as the ‘soup’ below, of a website and extract the data we desire. 2,886 more words


Detecting deceptive hotel reviews using topic models

Language: Python 2.7
Packages: scikit-learn, nltk
Methods: random forests, support vector machines, latent Dirichlet allocation
Code repository: https://git.io/v5QfT


Spam detection remains one of the most widely used applications of machine learning. 4,738 more words


Doug Seefeldt: “The Last of the Mohicans Realized in London”: Visualizing the Wild West in Britain, 1887-88

In 1887, William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody embarked for England on his first international tour. During the original London run of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West– 203 more words


11th Grade Announcement


Firstly, I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends! Unfortunately, Friday was a hectic day, we never had the chance to discuss your what’s to come next week. 350 more words