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YouTube Words: Game Grumps - Jon Tron vs Danny Sexbang Word Profiles (Bonus Post)

Remember what I said about someone’s Word Profile? About how it’s like a fingerprint of you past because we learn to gravitate our lexicon to certain words over others, event more so depending on the context of your situation? 586 more words


Less and less adorable by the day...

Lately I’ve been feeling really good about my interactions with Mr. Adorable. Immediately post-breakup, he was fond of texting me for two reasons: 1.) he needed a favor or 2.) he had something impressive to tell me… 212 more words


YouTube Words: Markiplier and Game Grumps Word Profile Comparison by Channel

A person’s Word Profile is unique. As you learn to speak and get used to speaking a certain way, you gravitate towards certain words more regularly than others. 856 more words


Youtube Words: Game Grumps – Language across Games

These are the Game Grumps

We talked about how many mean things they say in the last post

They play a lot of games, and at roughly 10-15 minutes an episode they’ve put out a lot of episodes per game. 763 more words