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Fun with unstructured data: exploring the DS job market

Language: Python 3.5
Packages: scikit-learn, nltk, Beautiful Soup, seaborn, slimit
Methods: clustering, text processing
Code repository: https://git.io/vhLsz

Approximately 80% of data on the web is termed as “unstructured”. 1,894 more words


Working with XML-formatted text annotations in R

In this post, I’m documenting how to reformat the XML-formatted files outputted by the Stanford CoreNLP tool. This might not be the most elegant way to go about it, but this is something that works for me. 1,030 more words

Corpus Analysis

Entry 133

Book/Essay Review / Text Analysis

Book/Essay: Nature

Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson

Brief Overview: Emerson’s Nature, perhaps his most famous work of writing, is known for its contributions to the founding of Transcendentalism in the early 19th century. 483 more words

Text Analysis

Entry 130

Text Analysis (Poem)

Poem: Otherwise

Author: Jane Kenyon

In this particular poem, Jane Kenyon chooses to expresses her perspective on life’s constantly-moving course through the use of the single word, “otherwise.” The poet describes how despite certain events occurring in the narrator’s life, he or she is constantly thinking that “it might have been otherwise.” This short phrase was repeated throughout the poem in order to emphasize the idea that things happen for a reason; there is an unending number of possibilities to life’s many situations yet only one was experienced each time. 400 more words

Text Analysis

Entry 129

Text Analysis (Poem)

Poem: She Didn’t Mean to Do It

Author: Daisy Fried

“Oh, she was sad, oh, she was sad,” the author begins, “but oh, she was sad, she was just sad.” Daisy Fried composes an artistically eye-opening piece of poetry titled, “She Didn’t Mean to Do It”. 415 more words

Text Analysis

Entry 128

Text Analysis (Poem)

Poem: Numbers

Author: Mary Cornish

The wondrous concept of numbers, counting, and the mathematical aspects to daily life are artistically depicted by the author Mary Cornish in her poem, “Numbers”. 481 more words

Text Analysis

Entry 124

Today’s Post: Poem Analysis

Poem: It Took All My Energy

Written By: Tony Wallace

The text begins with the perspective of an individual who had once experienced love and the exhausting emotions it often provokes. 376 more words

Text Analysis