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The life and times of Major Tom

Something fascinating about David Bowie’s career was his use of characters as a means of expression. A character would be used, almost spent, and then cast aside for the next character. 2,931 more words

New Frontiers of Culture and Text Analysis

In 1675, Mary Rowlandson was kidnapped by Native Americans from her home town of Lancaster, Massachusetts and became a prisoner of war.

She was held captive for 11 weeks and 5 days. 1,837 more words

Mary Rowlandson

Digital Reflections of a Literary Course

Digital Frontiers in American Literature is the only English class I’ve had at Southwestern that also taught me technical digital skills. Combining the somewhat abstract process of analyzing and interpreting literature with the concrete experience of learning how to use digital media platforms step by step. 278 more words

Text-Analyzing Shakespeare

To celebrate the life of Shakespeare, Wolfram|Alpha did some serious (and not so serious) text analysis. “Have you ever explored Shakespeare’s texts from the perspective of a data scientist? 26 more words

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Visualizing Text Messages Part 2: The Words

The Words Themselves

In the last post we looked at the metadata of my text messages — how many texts I sent, when I sent them, how many characters they contained — in this one we’ll look at the content of the texts themselves. 1,101 more words


Visualizing Text Messages Part 1: The Metadata

Like many people, I keep my old cell phones. It’s always good practice to keep a back up, and I could never stand the idea of throwing out years of data without using it. 1,121 more words