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Aylien- Twitter analysis

This is my YouTube post for the BCM112 assignment.

Its a short tutorial on how to install and use Aylien which is a text analysis Add-on for Google Sheets. 32 more words


Tools of textual visualization and analysis for DH

Some tools of info-graphics to consider:

  • Wordle – look cool but it is very misleading – stills the topic very easily
  • Voyant tool for cloud visualization of content equally misleading… great teaching tool for text analysis… just a starter for students – not too robust – results without  correlations.
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Digital Humanities

Reactions to Romeo and Juliet's Wedding in 2.5 - 2.6

The four participants in the two scenes are The nurse, Juliet, Friar Lawrence and Romeo.

The nurse

The nurse doesn’t seem all too pleased with Juliet’s idea to marry Romeo, for she does not see him as all too polite; in contrast, she also thinks he is “gentle as a lamb” (2.5.46). 188 more words

Act Two

Pre-Text - A Text Analysis Tool for 2nd Language Learners

Hi everyone, Here is a general introduction to ‘Pre-Text’, an Open Source text analysis tool I am working in the hopes of helping 2nd language learners on their journey towards fluency. 390 more words


Analyzing the other "F" word

Nope, not that “F” you’re thinking about, you!


The other “F” word which has claimed its unofficial ‘dirty word’ status in the eyes of the media.

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Analyzing the afro

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.


This overused statement remains true to a certain level as let’s be honest here, the beholder does not have a one-way street outlook to what beauty is.

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Side by Side: Web Scraping in R vs. Python

Recently there has been a number of people asking me if I could provide a small walk-through of how to do a similar web scrape in Python.

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