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So the designer of this poster isn’t mentioned but I found this image on some weird pinterest page called “116 Best Vintage Style Fly Fishing Posters.” It’s oddly specific and I found it rather humorous that someone has dedicated so much time to Vintage Style Fly Fishing Posters, so I figured hey, maybe I should dedicate some of my time to Vintage Style Fly Fishing Posters. 340 more words

Visual Literacy with a Picture Book Mystery

Ms. Freeman, 5th grade reading teacher, is always brainstorming ways to make the reading standards more engaging for students.  One of the standards focuses on how visual and multimedia elements enhance the text.   569 more words


The More You Crusoe, The More You Know

Robinson Crusoe is a person who is not only having a hard time navigating his way around the world, but also navigating life. He has a longing to explore the world and make his own fortunes, independent of his family’s wishes. 504 more words


The Bestseller Code

The Bestseller Code: Anatomy of a Blockbuster Novel (2016) by Jodie Archer and Matthew Lockers describes the application of Machine Learning (ML) Text Mining techniques to analysing the text of best selling and non-best selling books. 270 more words

Simple Text Analysis Using Python - Identifying Named Entities, Tagging, Fuzzy String Matching and Topic Modelling

Text processing is not really my thing, but here’s a round-up of some basic recipes that allow you to get started with some quick’n’dirty tricks for identifying named entities in a document, and tagging entities in documents. 2,800 more words


Framing the Air Pollution Issue in Delhi, India

Any policy issue is framed from multiple angles by various actor groups with diverse perspectives about who is causing the issue and how the issue should be solved. 29 more words

Public Policy

The Sea Is History: Diving Below the Surface

“Where are your monuments, your battles, martyrs? / Where is your tribal memory?”

These two lines are the beginning of The Sea Is History, a poem by David Walcott.

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