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The Process of “Arriv[ing] at The Question” Gets Put Into Question

For all its advances and affordances, the truly digital aspects of digital humanities has not yet penetrated the field of literary studies—where interpretative analysis of written cultural artifacts, as well as methodology and limitations of these, reign supreme—and its core activity of literary text analysis. 482 more words


StockTrendsBot: Using Python to Create a Stock Performance Bot for Reddit

Link to full code:
https://github.com/ericlighthofmann/StockTrendsBot/blob/master/BotRefactor_share_with_reddit Link to StockTrendsBot:

“The dark side of social media is that, within seconds, anything can be blown out of proportion and taken out of context.

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Data Analysis

Emojis of Pittsburgh

by Dan Tasse and Jennifer Chou

What do people in Squirrel Hill talk about?

Or, more interestingly, what do people in Squirrel Hill talk about that people in other neighborhoods don’t? 518 more words

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Simple Python Project: Markov Text

consider this sentence

“the cat sat on the mat”

we can see the following about it

the word “the” is followed by “cat” and “mat” 1,287 more words

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Digital Humanities Portfolio Index

Although there are only 8 parts of this portfolio, they’re uploaded in reverse order and it may not be entirely clear how they go together, plus there are three bits of it that come from another site, so here’s an index of the posts in the proper order. 62 more words

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Stirring Shakespeare's Tragedies: A Text Analysis Project


I wanted to try a new way of looking at texts that I already knew and the Mandala Browser looked like it was an interesting way to “stir the archive” so that these texts would become “weird” and perhaps show me a new way to read them. 2,284 more words

Digital Humanities

Throne Speeches in Word Clouds: 1991-2015

Word Clouds were generated with Voyant – voyant-tools.org – and the source texts are from the Université de Laval archive here:


With the exception of the 2015 Throne Speech, archived here: http://speech.gc.ca/ 222 more words