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Analysis of passage from Omeros by Derek Walcott

Extract analysis available here

Examine the role of the passage in relation to wider issues in Caribbean literature… 1,236 more words
Text Analysis

Methodology Review, Part 2: Text Mining and Semantic Network Analysis

**This post is the second in a four part educational series I wrote in a graduate seminar on computational research methods. Each post will examine a different method from a sociological perspective. 2,386 more words


Nhạc Tết xưa và nay

Mấy năm gần đây nhìn đâu cũng thấy dữ liệu, mà thấy dữ liệu là muốn… phân tích.

Ở nhà mùng 3 lên mạng tìm playlist nhạc Tết bật nghe cho có không khí, xong tìm ra được playlist nhạc Tết: một playlist tập trung vào các bài hát mới 2017, một playlist thì có các bài 1975. 96 more words

Data Analysis

Simple and Practical Data Science | Deep Learning | AI Use Cases

For any technology, to be embraced by the mainstream companies and people, the affordable, practical and simple use cases are very important. This can induce the people to try the new technology and upon getting benefits, it will become inseparable component from their business and life style. 1,011 more words


10G Announcements and Reminders

To review for tomorrow’s test on “The Devil and Tom Walker,” check your notes that were given in class along with the following slides: Lesson 1… 75 more words


The Dissenting-est Dissenters on the Modern Court

The Court’s opinions have been sliced, diced, and dissected in various fashions over the years as scholars and practitioners look for overt and latent meanings in the Court’s texts.   1,054 more words


I'm back with more Spanish flu!

After a great winter break and starting a blog at Steemit, I’m back on WordPress for my Digital History class.

This week we’re tasked with proposing our idea for our final project, a digital component for the… 620 more words

Spanish Flu Pop-Up