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So What Can Text Analysis Do for You?

Despite believing we can treat anything we can represent in digital form as “data”, I’m still pretty flakey on understanding what sorts of analysis we can easily do with different sorts of data. 1,093 more words

Anything You Want

Content analysis: An introduction

By Gordon Rugg

I have very mixed feelings about content analysis. At its best, it gives you a new understanding of the world around you. At its worst, which I see all too often, it’s little more than an attempt to salvage mangled fragments of something useful from the wreckage of a questionnaire perpetrated by some sinner who deserves to be locked in a cell for a while with the assorted works of Barbara Cartland being read aloud over the intercom. 3,627 more words

Useful Concepts

MeaningCloud - Extracting Meaning from Content

I received an email the other day to inform me that Textalytics had changed its name to MeaningCloud. This was really handy, as it reminded me that it existed – I’d signed up for it during the summer, but hadn’t had much of a chance to use it, as I was working on the Library A to Z. 441 more words


ELK: using a centralized logging architecture - part 2

Welcome, dear reader, to another post of our series about the ELK stack for logging. On the last post, we talked about LogStash, a tool that allow us to integrate data from different sources to different destinations, using transformations along the way, in a stream-like form. 3,132 more words


Here's more evidence that sports is a goldmine for machine learning

If you really like sports and you’re really skilled at data analysis or machine learning, you might want to make that your profession.

On Thursday, private equity firm Vista announced it has… 790 more words

InboxVudu uses NLP to help you focus on the emails that matter

A text-analysis startup called Parakweet (whose initial product focused on book recommendations) has launched a new application, called InboxVudu, that’s designed to help users reduce the stress of email by showing them just the messages that need their attention. 577 more words

Now IBM is teaching Watson Japanese

IBM has struck a deal SoftBank Telecom Corporation to bring the IBM Watson artificial intelligence (or, as IBM calls it, cognitive computing) system to Japan. The was… 206 more words