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The 100 - SAP HANA Text Analytics - Text Mining

Text Mining is a concept working on the whole document or groups of documents using statistical analysis. Text Mining is a post process to Text Analysis… 141 more words

The 100


No longer is the issue content, we have more content than we know what to do with. The issue is understanding and knowing the contextual relevance of all of that content. 435 more words


The snakes and ladders of search query formulation

If you were tasked with designing a universal framework for search query formulation, where would you start? Well, you could start from a command-line paradigm. 316 more words


The 100 - SAP HANA Text Analytics - Search

How does Full-Text Search process unstructured data to enable analysis on the content? This happens step by step:

  1. File-format filtering: Converts any proprietary binary text format (.doc, .pdf, …) into text or HTML automatically…
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The 100 - SAP HANA Text Analytics

So here we are with the first learning bit from the 100.

My colleague already gave me a short introduction to this topic. But let’s see what all is in. 247 more words


Towards transparency in systematic searching

A couple of days ago I published a piece on Medium called “Searching PubMed just got smarter“, in which I talked about how we’ve added  383 more words


Core components of a social media platform

A social media platform is the technological infrastructure, platform, and software that allows a company or a person to produce and share content either internally to a selected group of people or externally to the entire world (Wollan, Smith, & Zhou, 2010). 459 more words

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