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Grade 8 Have Finished Their Painting Unit

Where I am from Abstract art.

Where digital and traditional art mix.

I have written about this task before but feel like it deserves a recap because the students did such an awesome job following the varied and somewhat challenging instructions. 315 more words

Grade 8

Offline, for a time...

ask the old question,

Is everything okay or not?

and Trickster appears.

photo and haiku by clinock. Credit to unknown artist.

I will be off-line for a while, the essential needs attention.


Art Rat.


Iconicalities. holy humour.

“I know you’re new at this Mary but is it wise to bathe the child in chicken soup?”

                                       ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 140 more words


Harvest Moon

Full moon conjuring

beyond resistance.

She strings and dances me

along electric streets,

her hapless marionette,

clacking limbs

and wooden heart.

I am strummed and plucked… 88 more words


Ghosts - Dreams for Sale

Ghosts sleep

behind this window glass,

their memories confused

by labyrinths of iron

and caresses

of prospective buyers.

Their spines and cheeks

leave no impression… 66 more words


Farewell Douglas Coupland and Slogans 9,10 and 11

This ‘monument’ of children’s lettered blocks were a component of a full room symbolic  representation of Coupland’s brain brilliantly conceived and executed by the artist using found objects. 124 more words


And Now For Something A Bit Different (21st Century Word Slogans and Memes by Douglas Coupland)

“Anywhere is Everywhere is Anything is Everything”
— Douglas Coupland 272 more words


clinock reblogged this on art rat cafe and commented:

I am sharing Gary’s personal take on Coupland’s ‘Slogans for the 21st century’ because I enjoyed his comments and am happy for another point of view from someone else who attended the show. I have followed Gary’s blog for a long time and am always inspired by his art and deeply thoughtful meditations on what it is to be human in our challenging world. I encourage you to visit Gary’s site and immerse yourself in his compassionate and insightful words and images.