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Beat Mashup -Bukowski - Caged Angel

Caged Angel photograph by clinock.

Thanks to YouTube for Bukowski video.


Beat Mashup - High School Drag

mixed media collage by clinock

thanks to youtube for movie clip


Beat Mashup - Kerouac and Jazz

Video thanks to You Tube / Photo of Jack Kerouac thanks to Google Images

Mixed media art by clinock.


MASHUP - Schwitters and Eno @the VAG

Part 1…Kurt Schwitters above: VAG write-up on Schwitters’ Ursonate below: a performance of Ursonate.

above: Example of the VAG’s exhibited reproductions of the score of… 370 more words


MASHUP – Jacques Villegle @the VAG

Extract from VAG’s write up on Jacques Villegle:

“The idea was really to take what was out there in the street and basically just select a section of it and frame it. 209 more words


MASHUP - Qiu Zhijie @the VAG

The Chinese character overlaying the figure is BU, meaning NO.