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Deja vu - haiku - Friday Dream

searching by moonlight

stumbling through deep shadows

dreamers lose their way

haiku and photo by clinock

redux from 2014


Deja vu - haiku - Between

you on a blue raft

between blue sky and sea

dressed in blue silence.

smushing strawberries

between stained lips and tongue

taste my sweet juices. 36 more words


Deja vu - haiku - Shadows

shadows on my wall

memories of your sweet light

now you are away

photo and haiku by clinock

2013 redux.


Deja vu - Sailing

Sailing so close to your shore,

navigating by stars

that fell through dreams,

and burning arcs of light

that spanned the impossible.

When first this chart was drawn… 89 more words


Deja vu - Self Portrait as parquet flooring under renovation

mostly it’s just a matter

of moving things around

until names disappear.

what was there before,

the elusive, fragile,

smudged and brittle

is rearranged.

I try for laughter… 93 more words


Deja vu - Ghosts, Joan of Arc

Seeking sanctuary from the burn

I enter her cold and holy dance,

and am unmasked, and frozen

between armors of snow

and tundric nakedness

as she avalanches… 88 more words