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fāz/Que Pasa

Well yes, indeed,

who ever really


what’s happening


Who ever really knows which way to go


and why?

I do the old vaudeville double take… 49 more words



At first there was just the head, the seeding of a self portrait. Then the collaged word came my way so I added the wing and it all coalesced in a thunderstorm in Mexico and I understood because I have been… 22 more words


food for thought / Richard Diebenkorn

“… putting down what I felt in terms of some overall image at the moment today, and perhaps being terribly disappointed with it tomorrow… trying to make it better and then despairing and destroying partially or wholly… getting back into it and just kind of frantically trying to pull something into this rectangle that made sense to me…” 32 more words


fāz/Past Perfect

This painting is a meditation; a contemplation, on the child, youth and young man in me.

This is an icon of innocence; a tete-a-tete with the spirit of longing, aging and the illusion of time; an understanding that he is still part of me, always was and always will be, and always still needing my love and recognition that makes him real and makes me whole. 52 more words


food for thought / francis bacon

“In my case all painting… is an accident. I foresee it and yet I hardly ever carry it out as I foresee it. It transforms itself by the actual paint. 85 more words


fāz/Back Issue

like an ancient comic book,

or carved rock face,

centuries forgotten,

but valuable, inside.

still available from the publisher,

at a price.

like the burning heart that reaches… 156 more words

Text And Art

fāz/ Big Joker.

Titled from a playing card handed to me by a friend as I was painting. The card contained these two words that I ripped away and attached to the painting…giving a name to what was already emerging. 212 more words

Text And Art