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Mexico - campanas y nubes

it has never failed

and it was planned to be so

by the white fathers

I speak of the bells

that oscillate in the heart… 34 more words


Mexico - lo viejo y lo nuevo

Mexico – the old and the new

“What if the heart does not pale as the body wanes,

but is like the sun that blazes hotter each day… 17 more words


Mexico - 35

treinta y cinco,

the Eight of Wands, swift shadows

in the dancing light.

haiku and photo by clinock


Spring - Resistance is Futile!

“Dorothy was at the sideboard, breaking eggs and spilling them into a bowl. Just watching the oval things crack in her white fingers and spill forth with a golden plop created a series of small explosions inside me. 107 more words


April Fools, Blue Moon, Easter Sunday, Oh My!

two foolish ones


a meaningful conversation in the night

on the doorstep of spring

their words

slow syllables, emerging, fragmenting, dissolving

their words

dance dark and dizzying waltzes… 63 more words