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Tweak your text editing behavior in Mac OS X

I find it a little bit inefficient to use the arrow keys to position the blinking caret/cursor especially when I am coding. Recently, I found out a better way to navigate the cursor.  240 more words

Text Editing

emacs remove any indentation

Here’s another quick one. It could be when formatting pieces of code that you want to remove any space from the beginning of the line. Removing de-facto any indentation. 20 more words


Maak dit reg, lees dit weer, nog ʼn keer (of twee)

“To write is human, to edit is divine.” – Stephen King

Flaters op Facebook, onvolledige sinne op Whatsapp, siesa-taalgebruik in kroeë en foute op News24…

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Trackpad mode in iOS 9

One of the many reasons I’m writing this post on my MacBook Pro (with MarsEdit) as opposed to my iPad Air 2 or my new iPhone 6s is because I prefer a hardware keyboard and a trackpad or even better, a mouse, for moving the cursor/insertion point around and selecting text. 435 more words


Enabling text editing for the visually challenged - A project by David Effendi

When I first look through the ChorusText website and YouTube video, I found the concept pretty interesting. ChorusText is a device endeavoured to facilitate text editing for the visually challenged, by making it sight independent. 1,586 more words

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