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Enabling text editing for the visually challenged - A project by David Effendi

When I first look through the ChorusText website and YouTube video, I found the concept pretty interesting. ChorusText is a device endeavoured to facilitate text editing for the visually challenged, by making it sight independent. 1,586 more words

Makers 2015

Text Editing

There are several tools for editing text in CGS Revit Tools collection. All are found in Annotate panel and are really easy to use. Here is a quick video how can you align more text notes to center (or Left/Right/Middle/Bottom) and how you can quickly change text note to Upper or Lower Case.

Html Color Codes

Last Friday while I was doing the coding for my resume I found a site for html color codes, because my original resume included colored type. 110 more words

Nano as a Focus Oriented Editor

One of my previous blog posts dealt with using Markdown for writing. Once its clear what markup to write in, another question pops up: which of the humongous number of text editors to choose? 704 more words


Final Cut Pro Re-dux - Read These FCP Quick Guides and Get Professional Results

People may need a bit of a follow-up on Final Cut techniques, so please use the links below to read and download the following information: 86 more words

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Play Solitaire on your computer to practice click, double-click & drag

Solitaire Game is a great way to learn
how to click, double-click and drag.
For more information about how to play Solitaire, click Solitaire Game… 129 more words
Text Editing