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I made it the first day

As I marked yesterday making a videos everyday . I have done it today with one videos and will continue with great spirit . Check this out.

Sublime Text3



A pretty heavy five lettered word when you’re constantly being bombarded with all kinds of distraction and stimuli from every which way.

And as someone who has the attention span of a gnat, I’ve often struggled with staying on task. 124 more words

This Little Corner

Menggunakan Text Editor dan Console di Ubuntu

Text editor seperti Gedit dan console Terminal mungkin sudah tidak asing lagi terdengan bagi pengguna Ubuntu, mungkin sudah hal biasa menggunakan kedua tools tersebut. Akan tetapi, tidak ada salah artikel ini ditulis kembali, dengan tujuan untuk memberi tahu bagi yang belum mengetahui dan lebih memberi tahu bagi yang telah mengetahui. 417 more words

Java Programming Language

First step of my journey for rediscovering the straight path (aka I'm using again GNU Emacs after many years)

“… mi ritrovai per una selva oscura, ché la diritta via era smarrita …” (Divina Commedia – Canto I)

Like Dante in his allegoric journey, I (also) “found myself deep in a darkened forest, for I had lost all trace of the straight path” in the computing world. 788 more words


Blog Editor Review - Part I

I was looking for a simple editor to work on my blogs offline. Hopefully helping with my commitment to blogging in 2015. The WordPress editor is OK but requires access and patience. 487 more words