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TIL: a lorem ipsum shortcut in Sublime Text

Today I learned a quick way to add some lorem ipsum if you need some placeholder content for the project you’re working on.

  1. Type “lorem” into Sublime Text…
  2. 32 more words

Simon building P5 onoffline editor

Simon has been working on a large-scale project for a while, building his own editor that he called onoffline editor because it’s downloadable online. As always, the idea is totally Simon’s, all the text written on his own independently. 33 more words


Looking into Vim

Vim vs Emacs is one of the big fights in the Software Development vanguard. At least, apparently it is? I had only recently heard about Vim and Emacs tangentially from podcasts that discuss more of the recent news in the software world. 1,059 more words


Best TEXT EDITOR for PROGRAMMING and WEB Designing and Developing | Personally I Use

Some time we confused 😖 about what text editor i use for web developing and designing and programming also.

Today, i’m recommend some interesting Text Editor that i used personally. 253 more words


Simon builds his own RiveScript Editor

Simon has been working on a RiveScript Editor for creating chat bots. RiveScript is a markup language, that gives chat bots the ability to respond to messages from humans using natural human language. 91 more words


Opposite of Tab


Two things I use TAB in my everyday desktop life:

One is to indent my stuff.

To indent a single line of texts. 105 more words


Write! app: A Review

I was recently granted a copy of Write!, a new semi web based text editor. I promised to give an honest review in exchange for trying the product. 576 more words