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Love at VS Code? My first impression

TLDR; I am starting to fall in LOVE with VS Code

As a tester, I write automated tests. I use an IDE or text editor to do so.

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Test Automation

ईमॅक्स शब्द संपादक - भाग १ - ओळख

Which is Best IDE?
Which is Best Text Editor?
Why Emacs?
हे किंवा या अर्थाचे उत्तर शोधत असताना, कुठेतरी ईमॅक्स बद्दल तुम्ही वाचले असेल. त्यातुनच कदाचीत या लेखालाही भेट देत असाल. 93 more words


How to Format a Poem on Your Blog

I have been reading some poetry on WordPress blogs, and I have some simple advice for how to format your poems.

I have seen poems with blank lines between lines of text that should be closer together. 183 more words


|101-003| Grammarly

Dear Exam Seekers,

Our lives might not be as organized as we would like them to be, but, our texts are!!! And it’s all thanks to Grammarly!!! 256 more words


ed(1) is Turing-Complete

Can a mere text editor be powerful enough to calculate anything that a computer can? Sure there’s Emacs, but it’s really just a Lisp interpreter, so it hardly counts. 3,779 more words


SharePoint Framework Custom Form- React JS - SPFX - Complex Forms

In this blog I have create a simplest react project with complex form which can save others time to use in the project. Project is uploaded on… 193 more words