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Pilihan Text Editor untuk Coding

Text editor merupakan wadah tempat menulis sesuatu kode. Beberapa programmer pastinya sudah memilih editor apa yang selalu ia gunakan. Namun dikarenakan blog ini ditujukan untuk… 231 more words


So, I've been using gedit this whole time

This is my coming out. I’m 31. I’ve been programming since I was 16, but all this time, I’ve never learned how to use a “proper” text editor. 546 more words


Yuk Coba 10 Text Editor Terbaik Ini Biar Kamu Makin Jago Coding

Yuk Coba 10 Text Editor Terbaik Ini Biar Kamu Makin Jago Coding
Jika kamu adalah seorang programmer atau sedang belajar pemrograman, text editor terbaik tentu wajib dimiliki programmer. 14 more words

Atom vs Sublime Text vs Visual Studio Code


Atom is a complete clone of Sublime Text. I waited more than 20 seconds to launch Atom for the first time.When I opened a project of mine inside Atom, I had a good impression of the user interface. 346 more words


Popular Text Editor | Download Sublime Text 2.x, 3.x Full Version for Windows, Mac

Sublime Text 2 is a text editor which increases your productivity no matter if you are working with text and/or programming in different languages. Once you get your hands on this text editor, I’m sure you don’t look back for any other alternatives. 1,116 more words

Programming Text Editor

Emacs Day 0 - A friendly introduction to Emacs

Hello friend (in Elliot Alderson’s voice),

A difference to many of the articles, beginner’s guides, and tutorials, I have not been using Emacs for a while. 1,015 more words


Gedit for Mac version 3.20.4 was released today

Today we released Gedit 3.20.4 for Mac OS X Gedit has been fully ported to GTK 3 and will run on OSX 10.11 or higher. You can find it listed in the… 128 more words