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My text editors for xml and json - sublime and notepad++

Notepad++ – install version 32 bit since 64bit does not support plugin manager and some other plugins. Then go to plugins/plugin manager/ install: xml tools and go to ‘?’ to go to Get more plugins and search for ‘Json Viewer’, download the zip file, extract it and place dll file to C:/Program Files(x64)/Notepad++/plugins dir… 51 more words

#365 Atom: A free text editor

This one is a late Christmas present from me to you! It may not be relevant to you all but I thought I would share this text editor software with you as it has been my lifesaver this year. 137 more words


"Atom" trình soạn thảo code của tương lai


“A hackable text editorfor the 21st Century”

Atom gần 3 năm không phải là thời gian quá nhiều nhưng đó là thời gian đủ đánh dấu sự phát triển của một text editor của thế kỉ mới. 1,218 more words

Tin Học


Simon has found a new text editor he really likes: Atom.io

He says he likes it because of its special searcher function, which can use regex (regular expressions). 151 more words


Experiments with VI - Part 1 (Tabs in VI)

While doing my summer internship, I had to work on a Windows machine. But as all the company’s code was in Linux, I had to use PuTTY to connect and login to my account and then write codes. 556 more words


Golang: Change LiteIDE Color Schemes ( LiteIDE Themes)

In this post I would like to show you about How to change LiteIDE Color Schemes ( LiteIDE Themes) to use Dark Theme (Carbon):
  1. Click menu: View -> Option to open Option window…
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Golang: Build and Run Golang code Using LiteIDE

In this post I will show you about how to use LiteIDE to build and run Go language (Golang) code:

  1. Create Folder and  file
  2. Write the code…
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