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Sublime Text editor 2: Making Coding easier.

Do you find it difficult to write or debug your code?

Here is something which can help you code faster and make your life simple. 951 more words


Text Editor Dinner Party

Every time I turn around there seems to be another text editor out there that is the ONE GREATEST TEXT EDITOR OF ALL TIME THAT I WOULD BE A COMPLETE DUNCE NOT TO START WRITING ALL MY CODE IN RIGHT NOW!!!   1,301 more words


Find Your Way In The World Of Website Development

Understanding the latest in website development is crucial to success. You will learn how important this really is in the following article. The advice presented here will help you build an impressive website with very little aggravation on your part. 10 more words

Juce interaction with TextEditorListener class

Following up on my previous Juce walkthrough, I wanted to cover the basics of event handling in Juce. Juce uses a concept of listener classes, where you create callback functions that will be executed when events occur that the listeners are listening for. 789 more words

Code And Design

Expert Tips About Better Web Design Strategies

There are numerous ways that a website can be used. They are great for selling goods and sharing ideas. Lot of folks desire websites but have no idea how to build one. 25 more words

Hello world!

Hai guys,

Hello world adalah first html page yang diberikan oleh site manapun ketika kita mendaftarkan diri pada sebuah free blog seperti blogger, wordpress, joomla dsb. 196 more words


Edit Pad Lite >>> a great tool for coding, typing, or simple use

Edit Pad Lite >>> a great tool for coding, typing, or simple use
This convenient software is easy for beginners and advanced users. EditPad is used for coding and for typing basic papers. 275 more words

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