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Time Hole (39/52)

I fell down another hole in time but it’s All OK Now.

I jumped. I was down there from some time, lurking
(it happens from time to time. 203 more words


Landscape- Exercise 2:5- Text in Art

This section on landscapes as a journey, we had to look at land art and the use of text within landscape practise. The idea of this is to represent an artist’s experience of the landscape as they move through it. 595 more words


Project 3. Place in Art Case Study 'A place Beyond Belief'

http://studionathancoley.com/works/a-place-beyond-belief-0/images (Accessed 8/5/15)

My first response is that of a spiritual/religious idea. Looking at the landscape (of a religious building, perhaps a mosque or a church) in conjunction with the choice of words, suggests heaven or paradise to me. 838 more words

Course Work - Projects & Exercises

Project 3. Place in Art - Research Point

Text in Art

http://www.tate.org.uk/artist-rooms/collection/themes/artist-rooms-theme-language (Accessed 8/5/15)

Following my research I have found that ‘Text in Art’ mainly featured since the early 20th century, it was seen as both modern and contemporary. 526 more words

Course Work - Projects & Exercises

Project 3. Place in Art. Exercise 1 Research point (Artists)

I will look at the work of the following artists some of who’s work incorporates text and how the pieces chosen are relevant to the theme of ‘place’ and how they reference place. 847 more words

Course Work - Projects & Exercises

Tiny books and photographs

Over the past few months I have been sporadically taking photos with a disposable camera, just of things that interest me or that could make good photographs potentially. 196 more words


FA4001 Exploring text with wax and ink

Wax, ink and newspaper cutting (Charlie hebdo one week after the attack).