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‘Cat Person’ in The New Yorker: A Discussion With the Author

The short fiction piece made an enormous splash after it was published in The New Yorker, prompting discussions about dating, power and consent.

Published: December 11, 2017 at 05:30AM… 71 more words


Text Less, Speak More — Because the Break-Up Sauce Tastes Awful

I want you to imagine a person looking you directly in the eye and saying: “I’m going to kill you.”

First, I’d like you to imagine that it’s your best friend saying it with a huge smile on his or her face immediately following a joke you’d just played on them. 1,216 more words

Being Human

Lightening Our Burdens

Yesterday my day started out pretty badly. I was able to recognize though, while feeling really blue, that I didn’t want my day to continue on as it was going. 853 more words

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Five pieces of 90s technology that shaped the world

  1. Computer Animated Movies

In a dark, computer lit room in the early 1990’s a revolution was brewing. The fledgling company Pixar was experimenting with computer animation featuring an unlikely protagonist, a bouncing ball. 622 more words

Computer Animated Movies

No Spooning Allowed

My first date was October 10, 2017 and it looks like my last date might be November 25, 2017. No, not because I found ‘the one’ or anything like that, but because with this date, I think I might be done with the whole thing. 1,392 more words


Twitter testing a feature that shows how many are 'talking about' tweets

Twitter is experimenting with a new feature that will show how many people are “talking about” individual, popular tweets. The metric shows up under some embedded tweets when they appear elsewhere on the web, and seems to replace both the retweet and replies totals with one, cumulative total. 165 more words


Twitter to revoke verification for some accounts as part of overhaul

Twitter says that it’s making progress on its plan to review its authentication system, which it’s conducting in the wake of backlash against the social network verifying the account of a white supremacist rally organizer. 264 more words