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Schneier on Messaging

“If you want secure messaging, use Signal. If you’re concerned that having Signal on your phone will itself arouse suspicion, use WhatsApp.”

—Bruce Schneier, “

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12 Signs that Your Partner is Lying in Text Messaging!


With the advent of digital and mobile phone technologies, text messaging, or texting, has become a prevalent mode of communication and conversation today. Consequently it is also a frequent source of deception or lies in communication. 1,566 more words


Leading Three Problems with Sms Message in Healthcare Setups

1. Because most text messaging is not a safe kind of communication, it elevates HIPAA problems if any type of protected health info is consisted of in the text. 226 more words

Federal Law

knock knock : who's there?

iPhones have the option of selecting a specific text tone for each contact. Android users? Did you know this? You can’t do that. Given that a lot of people communicate more over text than speaking, you’d think this would be more widespread. 824 more words



For this post, I kept track and recorded my writing for April 4th, 2018. I was very surprised in the amount of writing that I had actually done throughout the day. 255 more words

Technical aspects of starting a SMS business

Protocols and equipment for SMS: SMSC, ESME, SMPP and others

In the previous post we discussed reasons what makes SMS business attractive and why VoIP operators should consider joining the crowd. 764 more words