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SMS Mobile Marketing: Car Dealership

Brief case study regarding a car dealership that used an innovate SMS Mobile Marketing approach to attract business.

The car dealership sends reminders that cars are due a NCT (National Car Test) along with a quoted price for NCT pre-check. 47 more words


Modern life.

I wish I may, wish I might

See that blinking, winking light;

Electric herald to notify

Awaited message has arrived.


Getting Dumped by a Borderline

The man I was seeing idealized the crap out of me, and then devalued me. He told me he was a Borderline, and I kept an open mind about it, given my past. 160 more words


Cell Phone Addiction: 15 Numbers That Show The Ridiculous Obsession Americans Have With Their Phones

By Michael Snyder

Have you ever had a family gathering, a social function or a business meeting ruined by someone that was obsessed with checking their cell phone?  857 more words


Poll Says American Teens Feel Addicted to Phones

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – If you are constantly battling your kids over the phones and amount of screen time, you’re not alone. About one-third of those polled by Common Sense Media said those fights are a daily occurrence, and half of American teens feel addicted to their phones. 228 more words


Don't Let Others Define You

It doesn’t take much for me to start feeling frustrated, upset, angry, and hurt. In fact, it happens pretty easily. Whatever the situation is, I do my best to talk myself through the frustration; I often end up pretending that everything is okay. 482 more words


Text People

Text People

Good! I think~

Tell her I said hi~


Okay I will figure it out

Oh Good Morning


Because they were given… 71 more words