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Why do I do this to myself?

So Life No.2 or Second life as its called, as you know or remember from two posts ago I shared that I escort online. You might be asking yourself… 450 more words

Don't Torture Me...

Apparently, a simple phrase such as this can actually mean, “Oh, baby, yes”. How can such confusion happen? Well, it all started like this… 404 more words



 Liz phone vibrates in her lap.  She feels a tingle sensation climb up her spine as her tensed body loosens up as she takes a deep breath.   1,598 more words
Midnight Snack

I Need to Bring Lysol to Work...to Spray on People.

In today’s edition of “I couldn’t make this up if I tried”…

I work in a business-casual office setting with about 20 other people. I am delightfully tucked away into a back corner that is a very handy location for book reading and napping.  398 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

Guilty Pleasures rides again – fat woman jogging, greasy old man in pub. New Years resolution broken immediately

Well I should really being starting back at the beginning, carrying on the blog from August up to the present day.

However I have decided that since my guilty pleasure is in a good mood I shall keep events currents and once he is on a downer again fill in the gaps over the past few months.  324 more words

Cameron the headless chicken is running on empty.

Man who never was meets man who never will be

In between exchanging email and text fluids with a raunchy sociopath, desperately trying to keep the Conservative Party’s paedophile wing hidden, and getting ready to deliver another pointless veto to an uncaring EU summit, the Prime Minister has jetted all the way to the Middle East. 691 more words

Arab Jets

Text Sex...

What is it with guys and wanting to get all hot and bothered by text sexing?  Really?  What does it do for you?

You need two hands to text with so unless you’re really skilled with the whole one hand texting, which is nigh on impossible with these new damned smartphone touch screen thingy ma bobs… you’re going to have to take breaks. 98 more words