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Text-to-Screen Retrospective: The Bourne Identity

In my younger years, during one of the many chats that my dad and I have had about books – even today we can quote Robert B. 1,510 more words

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Text-to-Screen Ratio: Justified (Part 2)

(Editor’s Note: We now bring you to the second part of this analysis, up earlier than expected thanks to the completely addictive nature of “Justified’s” first season and the brisk pace at which Elmore Leonard novels can be read. 2,113 more words

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Text-to-Screen Ratio: Justified (Part 1)

(Editor’s note: Welcome to the first installment of a two-part series, focusing on FX’s “Justified” and its origins in the works of Elmore Leonard. In part one, our humble correspondent takes a look at the show’s pilot episode and the short story “Fire in the Hole” that inspired it. 1,562 more words

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Text-to-Screen Ratio: Dexter

(Editor’s note: there will be spoilers here, but the only things I intend to spoil are plot threads that deserve it. Don’t worry, I’ll keep the good stuff hidden in a rosewood box inside the air conditioner) 1,602 more words

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Text-to-Screen News: HST Returns to Cinema

As anyone who has even a passing familiarity with me knows, I love Hunter S. Thompson. I’ve read the great majority of his books, I’ve dressed as him on three Halloweens, I can quote him at will, have a font of trivia at my disposal and do more than a passing impression. 806 more words

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Text-to-Screen Ratio: Capturing the Voice

As I assume I’ve made apparent in this series of articles, there are a lot of problems inherent in adapting a book to film. Beyond the critical issue of immersion – books require a connection that a flash on a screen can never provide, no matter how much James Cameron might try to convince audiences otherwise – there are questions of detail, the decision on which characters and subplots to cut out, how closely you want to work with the author in developing the film’s storyboard, etc etc. 2,693 more words

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