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Let go of your mind, get in your body

I don't have much time to write. I haven't been here in a while, a couple years and I'm happy to see INTPs keeping on. I wanted to quickly get this message out here and I hope that it finds the right eyes… 480 more words


Are INTPs useless in everyday life?

That isn't something I want to globalise I just want your opinion.

To give you the context, I've been told more that I'm useless in everyday life than I'm useful. 227 more words


Does anyone else find INTJs annoying when they say things like "as an INTJ"

I swear to God, as an INTJ, I find it extremely pretentious and annoying when INTJs are like "as an INTJ" or when on this sub someone is like… 62 more words


INFP/f just met an ESFJ/m on a date

I am more drawn to extroverts as a partner bc I feel they bring me out of my head more and I can literally live the experiences I would normally only dream about. 231 more words


Any suggestions on something to learn to add my ' things to do when bored ' ?

At the moment I have music theory, programming, psychoanalysis and storytelling (videography). I'd like to learn food pairing but not found something compact yet.

Original post here… 10 more words