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Sáo nâu - Common Myna

Sáo nâu – Common Myna, Hà Nội, 11/2017

Sáo nâu rất dễ nhận dạng bởi cơ thể chủ yếu màu nâu với sọc trắng ở ngoài cánh, một mảng vàng sau mắt và đầu với ngực màu đen. 88 more words


Prompt #207 - Real World

As a long-time writer, you’ve told many stories, most of which contain tragedy. As a result of your love of pain, you’ve killed off many a character. 18 more words

Creative Writing


  • Capturing dance movements-
    lots of video stills, combining lines of movement.
    A Drawing machine combining digital and traditional. Maybe a robotic arm that can translate thoughts to  patterns on paper.
  • 220 more words

Daily Affirmation - Health

Your life is controlled by your thoughts, and studies have shown that around 80% of your thoughts 45 more words


Flash fiction: Rainy clouds

The water drops poured down onto the earth. The wind was blowing mercilessly through the dark walls of the cities. A image of darkness, a situation where no happiness can seemingly exist. 20 more words