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it’s my senior year and i haven’t gone to any parties or really done much of anything this year for obvious reasons, but with it being the game and halloween today it makes me sad and gives me fomo that it’s seems like everyone else is out having fun and im not. 42 more words

Ann Arbor

The Traversal of the Phallus — Işık Barış Fidaner

We can summarize the roles assigned to man and woman in the present gender regime by two concepts: authorization and embodiment [1]. Psychoanalysis tells that the mother helps the child’s embodiment and the father helps the child’s authorization [2]. 1,207 more words


Day 7 I made it a week.

I just want to say its possible to reboot and youbcan do it.

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46 days, but i need help

Ok, i reached 46 days, my last record was 14 days, so i'm really proud of myself, but i'm having urges like 24/7, even now, as i write this, i'm in the urge to watch it. 119 more words

Internet Porn

An anti-pornography Discord discussion group

Hi r/pornfree, hope all are staying strong and safe!

Just wanted to bring your attention to an anti-pornography discussion group on Discord that has been started by a fellow redditor. 238 more words

Internet Porn

Is masturbating to thoughts of having sex still pornfree?

Haven't seen any porn whatsoever for the past ~2 weeks or so, but have been fapping 1-2x/week to thoughts of me having sex with someone, usually someone I personally know and find attractive. 28 more words

Internet Porn

Pornfree It starts now

I’m just writing this as a testament for how much I hate porn and how it has taken control of my life.

  • It has devalued how I see myself; I always feel so disappointed with myself after fuelling my addiction…
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Internet Porn