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hands are creatures of their own

                 don’t they care about us?


but they wipe our tears

                        do they love us?

                                                                                     but they speak too loudly


ULTA, What are you DOING???

    So while I try to take it upon myself to have the weekends to relax and catch up the week’s events, nothing can put salt in your lemonade like a badly placed sale from your favorite store. 252 more words


Further Research into my Idea

Jared Ficklin is a designer and has a passion for visualising music. My idea revolves around being able to visualise music and capture that in an image, so I have researched into Ficklins work. 297 more words


What the Story? - The Greeks Who Want to See Jesus

In the midst of the heaviness of Lent, it is sometimes easy to overlook the lightness, and even the humorous peculiarity of the Bible. On the one hand, Jesus’ conversation about and with God concerning is upcoming death seems to so dominate this week’s Gospel reading that it leaves room for little else. 417 more words