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Mixed INTP Personality

Okay I have to admit. Im kind of an INTP that is mixed with other types of MBTI and sometimes people get confused whether I am an INTP or FP or Extroverts. 53 more words


I love you

I wish I could tell my intp crush I think about him everyday.. We have a break from college and I miss seeing him everyday :(( I'll just tell you online strangers instead, I love you intps, please be kind and smile at shy girls if they approach you, even if they're ugly and you don't care… Crush-san has a lovely shy smile and I'm sure the rest of you do too :) Love, An infj… 13 more words


Skepticism is not useful in relationships. Learn to hone your intuition.

As a skeptic, not only does this lead to trust issues, but when someone actually breaks your trust (ex. they cheat, lie, or manipulate you) you tend to use the same skepticism and rationalize things in a way that you can deny what's really happening and not be humiliated because you're trying to protect your own ego. 219 more words


I just discovered my perfect work environment

My perfect work environment is being told to go complete a big project, being given all the parameters, then being left to my own business. I can work alone, get in the zone, figure out the most efficient way to complete the whole project, and get it done. 176 more words


OM (AUM) Mantra Chanting live। For Meditation, Positive Energy, Peace, Calm

I have created this music. Hope you all will love this

OM (AUM) Mantra Chanting live। For Meditation, Positive Energy, Peace, Calm

Touch here for the full post on the Meditating Magicians tumblr


Feel bad for considering working part time.

First it might be kind of cliche but if this isn't the right place for this i'm sorry, I guess this just felt like a good place to sort of vent about this. 136 more words