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*groupchat is lit af*

Me: hi guys

*Gets no response for an hour*
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No college, but I have OSCP, CCNA, N+. Where do I go from here?

Hi all, I'm a little lost and I really need some guidance. I just finished getting my OSCP, CCNA, N+. College isn't for me, but I'm a strong self-learner. 54 more words


Real recovery and accountability... what does it look like?

Female partner of a male PA here. Firstly, thank you for this sub, for all that you do in recovery, and for providing a safe space for addicts and the people that love them. 76 more words

Internet Porn

A curious question about Antonio Vivaldi.

After hearing 100's of compositions, mostly concerto's of his the past several years – I have never really known any works of his which can be considered sad, or mournful – does anyone have any recommendations? 36 more words

Classical Music

1212 and 1221 Meaning - Twin Flames - Angel Numbers

I discovered the hidden pattern behind 1212 and 1221 meaning. In my spiritual journey of uncovering the silent messages being sent to us, I started noticing there is a lot of patterns involved in the repetition of numbers. 96 more words


Have I become lost through meditation?

I recently started meditating, for about 2 months now, and I have never felt so lost before. Before I started meditating, it felt like completing my studies was my purpose, but now I honestly feel as if I don't know what it is. 64 more words


Between LX and EX, which 2019 Honda Civic sedan trim would you pick?

Been looking at both LX and EX trim for 2019 Civic sedan. I have leaning over the EX but I am wondering if it would be worth going to LX and save some money. 10 more words

Car Company