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The Utilization of Natural Things

This is a translation from a Japanese primary school reader published in the year 1900. How does this way of thinking differ from modern times? 333 more words


Case Solution for The Fight Against Skyrocketing Textbook Prices (A)

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      The Fight Against Skyrocketing Textbook Prices (A)

Authors :           Lance Guthrie, Sherri Moore

Source :             Darden School of Business… 117 more words


Fish and bear paw - can't have both

While preparing to a Classical Chinese class today, I came upon a popular chapter from Mencius (4th century BC) that mentions a hard choice between two of his most favorite delicacies, fish and bear paw, when he can’t have both. 129 more words


There's no reason to be the richest man in the cemetery.

The Alpine Chicken: as fowl an opening as you will see. The 21st most popular in the game, it is often tactically equivalent to laying an egg, but the value of it as a delaying tactic is powerful and sees it used fairly often in high level play. 166 more words


The Media Student's Book

I was asked about a suitable textbook to support the course. Sadly, there isn’t a dedicated textbook for Higher Media (yet), but if you are considering buying any book, the best one is reckoned to be… 222 more words


Either I Conquer Istanbul Or Istanbul Conquers Me

The Bosphorus Openings is the third most popular opening for Turkey and is 20th overall. In the tradition of Turkish openings, it is an aggressive statement of intent to attack with the target in this case being Italy. 136 more words