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Content Area Reading #7 - Singer says...

Social Studies for Secondary Schools by Alan J. Singer. 4th edition. Chapters 4 (What are our goals?) and Chapter 5 (Is social studies teaching political?) 576 more words

Studying from the Book (AKA How I Got My Best Score Yet)

So my last post was about how I totally bombed a test and to not let that deter you on your path to finish the insane marathon known as nursing school. 509 more words

Nursing School Tips

Day 11 - More About the Colonies

In today’s practice my visit, the students first completed a journal prompt about what it would have been like to be a Pilgrim sailing over on the Mayflower to the New World.   333 more words

Uni and work and textbooks galore!

So you’ve all heard about the sky-high cost of attending university, whether it be through experience, word of mouth or the rally’s preventing the government from deregulating university fees to make them even higher. 381 more words

Japanese medical school textbook surprises with questions on patient-doctor romance

Because atherosclerosis isn’t the only matter of the heart medical professionals should be concerned with. 540 more words


Intro to Projectile Motion

Before Class Preparation:

In Class Groupwork:

  • Projectile Motion PPT Discussion
  • Projectile Motion & Problems…
  • 7 more words

Data Structures: a rant

(If you’re curious, the textbook from this class–and the source of the explanatory links I’m using in this post–is available online free here: http://interactivepython.org/runestone/static/pythonds/index.html) 1,650 more words