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Western Blotting Guru - Academic Press - 2017

Western Blotting Guru provides researchers in molecular biology with a handy reference for approaching and solving challenging problems associated with immunoblotting setup and optimization. As a laboratory guide, it emphasizes the technical aspects of efficiently employing immunoblotting as a tool in molecular biology laboratories. 117 more words

"I’m the professor who made Brock Turner the ‘textbook definition’ of a rapist"

(Source: www.vox.com)

As one of the authors of a textbook on criminal justice, I’m literally the person who creates the textbook definition of rape. This year, next to that definition, I inserted a photo of Brock Turner, the Stanford Univeristy student who committed a brutal, infamous sexual assault on the campus three years ago — and served a paltry three months in jail. 1,480 more words


Management, 6th Asia-Pacific Edition - Wiley - 2017

The newest version of Management, 6th Asia-Pacific Edition has been updated to further student knowledge in management theory. With many years of use, this text is a trusted 125 more words

You May Desire To Make Sure You Could Pay For The College Textbooks You Will Need To Have

College is expensive. Students need to make sure their sell textbooks classes are paid for, their rent is dealt with, as well as they’ll have everything they will need to excel in their particular classes. 316 more words


You Will Desire To Make Sure You May Afford The Books You're Going To Have To Have

College is costly. Individuals need to be sure their particular classes are paid for, their rent is dealt with, and also they will have every little thing  329 more words


You Are Going To Wish To Make Sure You Can Pay For The Books You'll Really Need

College is costly. Individuals want to make certain their own classes are covered, their rent is covered, as well as they’ll have almost everything they’ll need to be able to do well in their particular classes. 326 more words