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Say What You Think

I recently made some major revisions to Say What You Think. I wrote and used the textbook in 2014 and then went a few years without teaching 12th grade. 87 more words


"The Practice of Creative Writing"

I highly recommend The Practice of Creative Writing by Heather Sellers not only for students but those, like me, who just want some more practice or fun, unique prompts to fine tune their skills!! 25 more words


Book Review - The Mission of the Church Five Views in Conversation

I was excited to review this book in light of my role with Missional University. However, I am being challenged to get through it for multiple reasons, including the fact the book is very heavy reading.  178 more words


Numerical Methods Using MATLAB

Stands for Matrix Laboratory, MATLAB is a handy tool to solve mathematical problems using matrix operations as the base of its approach. The software is helpful to those who involve calculations and countings in their daily activities due to its broad range of usages. 268 more words


Transport Phenomena

A phenomenon may exist as it is, similar to the way our sensory tools comprehend. But, how does it look like when it is transformed into mathematical equation? 277 more words


Mapping Human History: Genes, Race and Our Common Origins

Questions about human origin and ancestors will always be interesting for anyone who cares about historical identity. Those then divide into two groups of people: Pro-Darwinian approach and Pro-Biblical creationism approach. 283 more words


Biology: Unity and Diversity of Life

I read this book when I was in high school and I discover Biology: Unity and Diversity of Life is still among the most comprehensive textbooks on biology. 326 more words