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Playtime: Fabric vessel #2

cotton fabric, stabilizer, machine embroidery, 15 cms/6″ high, 30 cms/12″ approx. circumference

Some people may simply call it a milk carton cover – I call it a bottomless vessel. 51 more words

Textile Art

30 minutes creativity per day... Day 53! On the canvas again.

Feeling better for the most part today – thankfully!

After looking at my rectangular canvas work from yesterday, I decided to add a plain area, the equivalent size of yesterday’s work, so that I can make the embroidery into a coin purse (or similar). 40 more words

Textile Art

The Daily Post: Bewitched by Entangled

Entangled, the textile exhibition featuring work by artists such as Mona Hatoum. Louise Bourgeois and Kiki Smith, is currently showing at the Turner Contemporary. It is a far more subversive show than it might initially appear. 239 more words


30 minutes creativity per day... Day 52! A bit of an odd day...

Today was an odd one… Started out with my fabric printer playing up again (the same blockage as I’ve had twice before, both very recently). I did manage to do some work (admin etc) today, whilst feeling “off”. 138 more words

Textile Art

30 minutes creativity per day... Day 51! Winging on my way ☺

You know, you can spend a lot of time on a small area within a drawing or painting and not have all that much to show for it… but if you had spent less time on it, it would be obvious that you hadn’t done as much… 110 more words

Textile Art

Quilt Number Three - Equality in Politics

I’ve always been a bit of a multi tasker and generally I have a few quilting projects on the go at the same time. So with Quilt number two The Gender Pay Gap under way I have started thinking about quilt number three. 452 more words

Machine Embroidery Big Beast 2

This is the life cycle of a large piece of machine embroidery. It began early last year. But only got going in the autumn, therefore has no oilseed rape. 291 more words

Textile Art