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Effective Colour Management for Textile Coloration- An instrumental way towards perfection

by:-   Zeeshan Khatri, G Yasin Sheikh, Khan Muhammad Brohi and Aslam A Uqaili

Textile coloration is a process of dyeing and printing textiles by use of colorants that include dyes and pigments.  144 more words


Dyeing of fabrics with natural dyes often leads to problems such as narrow range of shades, and low colour fastness of dyed textiles. Attempts to overcome these problems have been mainly focused on the use of mordants. 307 more words


78 degrees

To backtrack just a bit, while “everyone else” was getting buried in snow and ice, we were “basking” in a balmy 78° last Sunday – unseasonal and it brought out creatures unseasonal as well. 254 more words


the beat goes on....


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Yes it does. You can call it practice, study, research…whatever. The fingers and brain seem to need that constant repeated movement to hone the skill. 159 more words


beginning the week

The first thing going in my studio today was to get the first bath going for the cotton pieces (plant fibers) I plan to dye in Cochineal. 190 more words


June reds

June reds 3

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I had decided earlier that June would be the month I experimented with Cochineal. It seems that if I plan like this, it’s likely that I’ll follow through. 249 more words


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