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New Projects End of May

MANDALA Symmetrical Asleep, 2 ins H X W. My third contribution to Line Dufour’s impressive installation Fate Destiny and Self Determination, which sounds as if it requires a Beethoven sound track. 317 more words


How to Fix a Pull

If you stuff your ring sling or wrap into a bag filled with Hot Wheels cars you’re asking for trouble. Ask me how I know… 495 more words


Ring Selection : Key to Successful Spinning

Rings and Travellers play a dominant role in the success of spinning process. And hence the selection of the Spinning Rings is the most crucial decision for the spinner. 301 more words

Textile Industry

Unit 5 --- Final Ideas with outcome ( Pattern and design board)

It is finally the time of handling three of my designs and further developed them into my final Ideas and mocking up into the products. I was really exciting of this process and I could finally settled my design and put them into my designated product and I was really looking forward to the outcome. 494 more words


Unit 5 --- Repeating Pattern in Lino Print 2

After I did my second pattern and I suddenly been told that we had to have three patterns for hand-in, so I quickly made one and decided to print it in lino and then adjusted digitally. 547 more words


Project Effective will replace traditional Nylon by Bio-Nylon

One of the key objectives of Project EFFECTIVE is to develop a more sustainable nylon, made from bio-based caprolactam produced using renewable feedstocks. The nylon will be validated by brands to make apparel and carpet textiles. 434 more words