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NaBloPoMo Day 28: Knit and stitch show

Thursday was the first and ( thankfully ) last trip I’ve ever been on with Textiles a-level. Knit and stitch is a trade show in Harrogate Yorkshire a beautiful  traditional town. 585 more words

A load of old baubles

I’ve been exploring upcycled Christmas baubles and ways to turn old ones into lovely new ones.

You can use old baubles that have lived in the dusty corner of the loft for years, let’s face it we all have those, or I’ve found that charity shops and thrift stores often have a huge selection to choose from. 329 more words


FIT Honors Transatlantic Nightlife Queen

If you think the music and fashion stopped after Studio 54 shut its doors to Liza, Liz, Andy, Calvin, Halston, and Yves, FIT’s club-scene exhibition, … 685 more words


Winter Layers

The first word that pops into my head when I think about winter fashion is layering. For some people this word may seem rather daunting, the idea of having to make sure that not only one layer but all the layers work well together. 231 more words



Once upon a time at secondary school I did some patchwork in a sewing lesson. Quite simple really – nine squares cut and hand sewn together and then another nine squares , then all sewn together to make a simple drawstring bag. 196 more words


Linear drawing collage

Combining many of my own drawings and photographs to create a linear piece.