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The Man Who Invented Text Messaging Has Died At 63

The tech world has just lost a legend. Matti Makkonen, the man who was considered “the father of SMS,” has died at 63.

The Finnish inventor pitched the idea for text messaging… 161 more words

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Smitten and Stupid

Mike texted me the sweetest things today about how he admired everything I’m juggling and that I’m superwoman.  OMG!  I was almost in tears.  He’s so amazing!   135 more words



This post is the long-awaited sequel to Ground Zero, covering the continuing adventures of the Blog Soul Brothers, following their first meeting this past Sunday.  Taking my cue from Peter Jackson, I am planning to expand relatively modest source material into a nine hour CGI epic (OK, there won’t be much CGI – but I suppose I might inveigle on my brother to bring some of his critically-acclaimed Paint skills to bear). 1,126 more words

When does hooking up, sexting, and swiping right end?

In today’s world, as has been touted by countless articles on the internet, no one actually dates anymore. With the convenience of getting in touch through technology and getting to know strangers through famous “dating” apps, it seems people have forgotten


Why I Vote GIF

To communicate with computers, keyboards are kick-ass; we’ve pretty much figured that out. But, to communicate with humans, keyboards … maybe they’re not so good. Humans have all of these incredible emotions, and it can be tough trying to squeeze all of the feelings through a Qwerty. 905 more words


Driving hazards

You may have read about the women driver who was fined for eating a banana while stuck in a traffic jam.

She had taken both hands off the wheel so wasn’t in control of the vehicle according to the police… 100 more words