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Night 2: All Over the Place

Day 2 was a peace of cake. Night 2 has been a mess.

My thoughts are all over the place. They are confusing, cloudy and not clear or conclusive; I go back and forth, just like I have with him. 302 more words


ttyl driving

popping ichor laced lashes open,
salted tears stinging their freedom through
swollen vision.

sterile white, burning breaths,
in, out
searing reds rip through my fingers, 70 more words


Legal Minute: Are texting and driving cases common?

On this edition of the Wettermark Keith Legal Minute, James Wettermark discusses how often he sees cases involving texting and driving.

For more on Wettermark Keith check out their website  52 more words

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Day 2

Day 2 is quiet. No texts sent & no texts received.

I think I need more retail therapy so I might hit the mall after work.


Day 1 Update

No texts sent & no texts received

How easy was that on a level from 1 to 10? About 1.5

I focused on me the entire day. 44 more words

Love Life

Day 1

Day 1 feels good this time around. I feel my own positivity coming back.

He didn’t reply to my text about closure yesterday, but I’ve done my part. 52 more words


Weak evidence seen if sexting affects sexual behavior

By Dee-Dee S.C.E.

The impact of the so-called “sexting” on sexual behavior is nil, a team of researchers recently found after conducting an analysis of hundreds of journal articles on the subject, but underscored “significant shortcomings” in the research itself. 267 more words