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Do you remember growing up and racing your sibling(s) or parent(s) to the phone when it rang. The need to be the one to answer itching at your finger tips. 289 more words

New home, more texts and the best aubergine photo ever

We got the flat!

Texting Stuart. It’s more fun when he’s not at work.

Sarah and the aubergine photo. I laughed SO HARD.

Grocery Shopping Takes On New Meaning...

So I always joke about ‘accidentally’ ramming my shopping cart into that of a tall, handsome fellow shopper in the frozen foods aisle as a way to meet someone. 325 more words

This Guy Taught His 8-Year-Old Brother How To Text And Their Conversations Are Hilariously Wholesome

There are a lot of responsibilities that come with being a big brother. It’s your job to set an example, to be there for your siblings when they need backup, and to teach them things your parents can’t — like, you know, about texting. 296 more words

Texting/Messaging Etiquette....

…..and why I don’t give a f***.

Upon the advent of texting, I was excited. I never really enjoyed talking on the phone much. I did it a lot as a teenager (what teen didn’t back then?) and even had my own phone line once. 1,256 more words

Look Up! Get Some Face Time

As I stepped into the waiting room at my chiropractor’s office, three women and one guy were looking down at their cell phones, sitting in a symmetrical pattern in a u-shaped group of chairs. 322 more words


10 Commandments of the Group Chat

Ahhh group chats. One of the most sacred messages in your phone. Friend’s biggest secrets and daily shenanigans at your fingertips. You were added to this message for a reason whether it be for planning a vacation, keeping up with your family, class projects or just for pure entertainment with your friends. 460 more words