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10 Horrifying Texting Conversations With Men

It’s happened to all ladies at some point in their lives: the infamous “u up?” 3:33 am text from that guy you begrudgingly gave your number to last weekend. 176 more words


This Is Why Dating Makes People Crazy

It’s been quite a few years since I’ve had an actual boyfriend. Now that’s not for lack of trying. My dating life has been pretty active ever since I left college in 2011 and only until recently have I began to make myself crazy. 795 more words


Text Message Ignorance as an Ethics Violation

Text me, maybe?

On The Communications Act of 2016

Go ahead, just say it. ‘Text me’. Does it not make one feel like a roaring 21st century, electronically dogmatized but subtly disoriented and aggressive hippopotamus?It goes without saying that most of us text. 304 more words

When God texts back "K"

Don’t we all love it. That moment when your pouring your guts out to someone or send a “risky” text and they respond with the dreaded “K”. 368 more words

text message, text-message

First as a noun, second as a verb. Use this instead of SMS. Examples: Most cell phones have the ability to send text messages. Consumers enjoy text-messaging each other.

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We texted in and out of each other's mind

We went in and out of each other’s mind¬†with the agility of fingers leaping over an iPhone screen half covered by the keyboard¬†we’ve built our playground from. 268 more words