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Texting Trucker

Another sad case where a driver has lost their life through their own folly.

There is so much evidence out there that demonstrates how use of a mobile phone whilst driving is incredibly dangerous and yet people still do it. 278 more words


Thumbs Up! Texting May be Hazardous to Your Health.

And I am not talking about Trump’s salutary greeting of his adoring throngs. I am offering some unsolicited, nonprofessional medical advice to all our consummate “texters” out there who use their thumbs to send messages all day. 104 more words


(part 2)

The girl from the bookstore had stickers on the ceiling of her apartment. After sex she would try to point me proudly the constellations she arranged with the phosphorescent stars. 434 more words

Home For Solitary Bees

Dazed and Confused

After a string of not-so-good dates (albeit, not disasters), I thought I’d met guy with potential.  He checked all of my boxes.  Well traveled?  Check.  Educated?  1,140 more words


Diary of a Sunday (aka random-ass thoughts) ~ 05-20-2018

Hmmm… WordPress wants me to “share my story here“.  WordPress should probably be careful what it asks for (lol).

My only real story at the moment is that it has rained (a thunderstorm that actually spared our power supply!), which means that the temperature has dropped a good few degrees in the last hour, and I’m tempting my fate by seeing how long I can sit on the deck before the mosquitos figure out that I’m out here.   1,246 more words


I Ain't Sorry

I think as women we are so communicative, it is incredibly difficult to enact the power within silence. Whereas men, I think, respond so profoundly to effectively ignoring. 339 more words


Technology and Friendships - the New Social Network (continued)

“Your available social time is limited, and you can either spend it face to face or on the Internet. If it is spent with people who are ‘remote,’ whether geographically or just because they’re represented digitally, you don’t have time to invest in new relationships where you are.” As with many millennials, talking on the phone is not a big part of social interaction and is now reserved for the rarest of occasions. 90 more words