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Things might be getting complicated...

So I texted Silver Fox yesterday and asked him if he wanted to grab a beer this weekend. We chatted a bit, and we ended up coming to an agreement that hanging out, having a little fun, and hooking up would work for both of us. 236 more words


February 26


I am officially out of control. Also, I’m supposed to be going on dates with two boys at the same time tomorrow. No, this isn’t a Friends rerun, it’s a crisis. 498 more words


5 Things That You Should Never Text Anyone

So today, I was thinking and, there are a few things that don’t sound creepy or mean or weird out loud but the second you type them, they get really questionable. 359 more words


Stop the texting!!

Youth 2 has been a strong speller since birth. Yeah, I’m using birth. Believe it or not, he was able to spell at a very early age. 412 more words


...About Texting and Driving


End of post.

There is nothing that troubles me more than, when driving, seeing the amount of people whose heads are pointed toward their laps.   693 more words

365 Days Of Writing

College Dating (part 1: commitment & vulnerability)


Dating in the modern world is already like walking a minefield. Imagine facing these challenges in an even more concentrated atmosphere, with the added struggle of dealing with raging hormones and a new sense of freedom. 242 more words



Today I’m going to tell you a true story about love that happened to one of my single friends recently. Let’s call her “Sara” and him “Tex.” 338 more words