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He's Not Worth Texting Back If He's Doing Any Of These 5 Things

Texting: the preferred method of communication for most young people.

Personally, I hate it. If I meet a new guy and we start a conversation through text, I hand my phone over to one of my friends. 684 more words

13 Types Of Men You Shouldn't Waste Your Time 'Talking' To

1. The douchebag bartender.

Okay, sure #NotAllBartenders. But the one who routinely texts, “You up? Just finished my shift” at around 4 am is not worthy of your time or energy. 467 more words

Ex's in social media

Feels a bit like a creep to go look up the ex’s … it’s also tedious to try & avoid all mentions of someone who you were close to and working on combining your lives together. 46 more words

The Internet

Smart phone

My digits how they limp,
As I relearn to type.
My fingers as a chimp,
Opposed put up a fight.

While texting with my thumbs. 10 more words

‘It Can Wait’ simulator reveals dangers of distracted driving

SALEM, Ohio (WKBN) – AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign came to the Salem Regional Medical Center on Wednesday to stress the dangers of distracted driving. 255 more words



When I decide to X someone from my life, they’re out, really out, for good. I can forgive and move on, but I can’t really let go of the negative attachment that I now have to someone once they have hurt me. 384 more words