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New Phone App Prevents Drunk Texting!

Do you or a friend tend to text… after a little too much drinkie-winkie?

Even dogs don’t want you texting while tipsy! Lol!

With the weekend being the primary time source of over indulgence, you may want to try a new phone app called… 86 more words


13 Parents Who Owned Their Kids Over Text

Sure, mom and dad are sometimes terrible at texting but never forget that uncoolness may just be a cover so that they can dominate the texting game when you least expect it. 71 more words

"I just need a minute."

Early this morning, after I’d rolled myself out of bed, just late enough to miss the yoga class I’d ambitiously told myself to attend, I was taking stock of everything in my kitchen and realized there are a few staple items I’m going to need before starting the Whole30 on Tuesday. 942 more words

The BEST Way to Text the HOTTEST Girls

Annnnnd on to FRIDAY…

*Pause for a moment of GLORY*

This day is special for most people. It’s the weekend. fvck yeah.

But wait…

Hold up. 960 more words


What you see. What you don't see.

This has been a jam-packed week and I’ve hit every point of the physical and emotional roller coaster – highs, lows, and marking time in between with folding laundry, ironing, doing the dishes. 1,035 more words

Let's Do An Experiment & Put Rebekah Behind The Wheel While Texting

I have to plead guilty to distracted driving. Naturally, my daughter catches me. She’s about 6 years away from a learner’s permit.

[cbs-audio-player title=”Don’t Text and Drive” artist=”Jody Dean” download=false image=” 143 more words


This Is Why You Shouldn't Text & Drive...

So, I finally got around to watching that Triple AAA dashcam video of distracted teen drivers driving all over the road – and I really have no words. 140 more words