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Benefits of Not Texting and Driving

Most everyone is texting and driving these days but that doesn’t make it the right thing to do. There are some benefits of not texting and driving. 168 more words


Not unexpected

Peter had started work again. It was just some small pocket money type stuff, but the cash was needed badly and it would go a long way to helping with the finances while he looked for a new job. 172 more words

The Texting Fiasco

Texting will be the demise of us all.

Trump is going to casually text Kim Jong Un’s bae “Hey, u up?” and from there we are all royally screwed. 913 more words

Voicemail Is Now Officially Dead. Here's What Killed It

(Source: www.inc.com)

I have a confession to make. I have not actually listened to a  voicemail message in over two years. I know what you’re thinking. 616 more words

Money Matters


Reading was my main form of entertainment
then cycling, trekking and caving
now it’s meditating and blogging

Most need the instant stimulation
of a device their screens offer… 25 more words

Daily Prompt

Getting back on the goddamn horse.

I haven’t written a blog since May last year! It doesn’t feel like that long – but I guess since the theme of my posts was internet dating and how terrible it is, and then I stopped doing it, I didn’t have much left to write about. 838 more words

Online Dating

Texting Your Off-Duty Employees

Texting. What a grand invention! WOW, now we can text our employees anytime to get an answer, without them having to come back into the office. 240 more words

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