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Autocorrect: Bridging the Gap Between Laziness and Professionalism

Grammar has been permanently altered over the past two decades. Anyone born after the year 2000 is unlikely to remember a time before cell phones and text messages. 841 more words


They're Called 'Pedtextrians' - Pedestrians Who Walk and Text

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – We know about new self-driving vehicles, and now, Ford has introduced technology that detects distracted “pedtextrians” – those who text and walk. 151 more words


Event: Hillary Bday Texting Party

Hillary Clinton’s birthday is on Wednesday and her campaign came up with a fun way to celebrate it – a texting party.

Wednesday, Oct. 26, 5:30-7:30… 77 more words

Hillary Clinton

I'm a Terrible Texter

I know it. My friends and family know it. The people I babysit for know it. You probably know it too. I just suck at texting. 293 more words

Texting While Biking

By Joshua Blake

These creatures called Millennials aren’t the “Me Generation,” but rather the “Notification Generation,” and they need to stop — now.

Enter the latest phase of awkward post-teen, melodramatic, self-righteous nut jobs: people who text and bike. 195 more words