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Did you leave your phone on the other side of the planet?

I know we all know these pieces of work.

The assholes who read your messages but don’t respond. The friend that texts you all day and suddenly disappears. 327 more words


~My Personal bipolar musing of thought~

~The worst example of modern text messaging “KKK” I was like?? The klan is coming? What the hell! Please just say either “K” or “OK” okay~

Come to Paris with Me

I can only text so long before I lose my mind

Lets see if I can do this right and make you understand what I am trying to say. 1,175 more words

Put the Phone Down: Quick Tip of the Day

Put the phone down and spend time together. We can be guilty of texting with a friend when our child is with us. Be in the moment and with the person next to you.


I'd Never Admit It, But Sometimes I Still Text You

I’d never admit it, but I sometimes still text you.
Except, maybe that’s a lie.
I turn my phone to airplane mode,
A text that’s floating, 195 more words

Everything I’m afraid might happen if I text someone first

They won’t answer me.

They won’t see my message.

They will see my message but choose to ignore it.

They will see my message and answer me weeks later when what I said is no longer relevant. 231 more words