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When Sunshine is Scarce, Creative People Create

Anyone living in Edmonton, perhaps all of Alberta … perhaps BC, Washington, Ontario … has noticed that we have had an unusually high number of cloudy days in fall 2016. 85 more words


Driving Through 2016

Now that most millennials are able to drive we make up most of the cars on the roads. This can be unfortunate in some cases because of technology that we have. 69 more words


How to Text a Human

In blogging, you’re not supposed to use phrases like “I think” and “I feel”.

I’m getting caught up in a loop of thought about connections. Yesterday, I had a conversation with someone that spiraled completely out of control, that left me thinking, “What just happened?” 2,192 more words

How To

How This Guy Reacts To A Girl Not Wanting To Sleep With Him Is INSANE (He Threatens To Sue Her!)

If you think you’ve encountered a narcissistic man before, buckle your seat-belt because this guy MIGHT take the cake.

This girl gets a Facebook message from a dude she barely knows. 216 more words

Red-Faced Texting

Today’s question comes from Gibber, at Gibber Jabberin. Gibber Jabberin can be found at: https://gibberjabberin.wordpress.com. Gibber‘s blog is about, uh . . 324 more words


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Stop texting and come on over to Gibber Jabberin today, where we're taking about embarrassing texting incidents.

Reader letter: Tinted windows hide distracted drivers

Your five part expose on the real dangers of texting and driving is frightening and should make all those who text and drive think hard before they pick up their phone while driving. 64 more words


5 Stages of Texting a Guy

It can be so difficult dating in the 21st century sometimes, especially at a time where people tend to be constantly connected online; it can feel as though you need to be in constant contact with each other to know that the other party is interested. 262 more words