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Text is fast. It’s simple. It’s the new communication shortcut. And it’s frustrating.

What? But it’s so easy! This is true, but what about when the person you texted doesn’t respond? 519 more words


Slooow Dooooown

With the help of Slo-Mo Fx, I’ve discovered the joy of filming everything a dog does then converting it into slow motion. Dogs eating peanut butter, dogs sneezing, and of course the doggie head-shake. 135 more words


Gaining perception from emojis

With texting being the primary form of communication for teenagers and young adults, it only seems fitting that Apple routinely updates and adds new icons to their iPhone’s emoji keyboard. 387 more words

Personal Composition


So the other night I get this text that started an interesting conversation;

Hey this is Chris
Me: lose somethingšŸ¾
(I thought it was our neighbor who’s dog likes to visit us) 102 more words

Blog Posts

Apple sued for not preventing texting behind the wheel

Apple is facing a class-action lawsuit in the U.S. because it chose not to implement a lock-out mechanism that would prevent drivers in cars from texting. 232 more words