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Ambivalence and the Mauve Ghost

I’m so fucking pissed off! I’ve been ghosted by Mauve Man!

(Image – Flickr).

In our last conversation, last week, he said he was so glad I got back in touch, and we chatted loads. 1,653 more words


Not Everything Needs A Response

Not everything needs a reply. The four exchanges is for when he asks polite interested questions about you or initially reaches out.

However sometimes we should not reply. 54 more words

The Rules

Business Ideas: The Next Great Chat Platform

First came texting.. or sms.  Then came a slew of other chat platforms like BBM, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snap, and not to mention the messaging functions in other apps like Instagram.  452 more words

Easy Fix For The Big Problem With Messaging

Why don’t people reply as they used to when you send something to them?

Here’s what I mean.

In our modern techno-fast age we’ve pretty much replaced letters with email or texts. 433 more words


My Love/Hate Relationship with Texting By Stephanie Miller

My Love/Hate Relationship with Texting

I have a love/hate relationship with texting. I can’t deny the fact that it’s super convenient to quickly send or reply to a text without having to actually call someone. 730 more words


a fancy poem about being left on "read."

I have nothing to say to you today

and I act like this will be the last word

as if you could fill it up with words and phrases… 177 more words


Why watching someone "…typing…” in a text message exchange causes such anxiety

You work up the courage to ask your boss for something over Slack. Or you tap out a 150-word, point-by-point counter to the last point that friend you’re fighting with made over text. 671 more words