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Smart Phones

Smart phones are amazing! Personally I depend on mine for business. Phone calls, texts, e-mails, searches, social media, limitless apps like camera, navigation, weather, etc. make it an important part of my day.   46 more words

Une ville qui ne m'appartenait pas

Je me souviens de cette nuit lorsque j’étais sur ma terrasse dans une ville qui ne m’appartenait pas. La musique dégageait de la rue parallèle, et un homme était mi- assoupi devant sa télé, dans l’immeuble d’en face. 375 more words


You Don’t Know How Much A Text Means To Someone

On my rough days, the days when I feel lonely and isolated, the days when the voice in the back of my head assures me that nobody cares about me, you have no idea how much a simple text means to me.  472 more words

If John Key and Judith Collins had to make my texts to them available, then Shane Jones is going to have to make his texts available.

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Reflections on the human being in the face of techno-science domination

1. Societal facts and definitions

Society is changing. It is not a time of change, these are actually changing times.

Techno-sciences are pervading all fields, including medicine, and are particularly affecting three main medical approaches: chemical and digital interventions on brain functions, genome modifications, as well as the use of robots. 2,443 more words


Work and Phone

Monday 14th July 2008

Steve phoned me while I was at work today – not a problem as I was in the office at the time and had been all afternoon doing mountains of paperwork. 1,077 more words

Sri Jagannathdev

The following article by our Param Gurudev Srila Bhakti Raksak Sridhar Dev-Goswami Maharaj has been excerpted from the magazine ‘Counterpoint’, Vol 1 No 6 Spring ’94, which was published by Sriman Devashis Prabhu. 2,425 more words

Holy Days