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Old Georgian phrases and sentences 42: Purim edition, Esther 7:7-10

Since we are at Purim’s doorstep, here are a few verses from Esther in Old Georgian with vocabulary and some notes. The only version of the book accessible and known to me is that in the so-called Mcxeta Bible, more varied and more lately compiled than the Oshki/Jerusalem text and the old lectionaries. 822 more words


Statements From Bible Scholar Dean John Burgon About The King James Version And The Received Text

By Pastor Bruce K. Oyen, First Baptist Church, Spearfish, SD

I have been perusing an online edition of Dean John Burgon’s book called, “Revision Revised… 303 more words

Bible Translations

Part5 - Textual Criticism and Bible Translations

Our Can We Trust the Bible series concludes with part 5. A brief introduction to textual variants and criticism, and a look at some of the differences in Bible translations. 8 more words


CTT | Textual Criticism

As a layman scholar, there are serious limitations to my knowledge and credentials as I share the fruits of my Bible study here at Faithful Stewardship and with my wife and children. 431 more words

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Responding to Non-Inerrancy Challenges

I noted in a previous post that when I began blogging back 2005, one of the first blog duels I had was with a Unitarian heretic who was challenging the doctrine of inerrancy. 1,666 more words

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What is the oldest NT manuscript?

That’s an easy answer: p52 (a fragment of John 18).  Perhaps not.  P52 is typically dated to A.D. 125-175. There is a fragment of Matthew 21, p104, that is dated to A.D. 99 more words