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The Watchtower's New World Translation of the Bible

There are many bible translations but none that contradict each other except for the New World Translation. This translation translates words and ideas differently causing conflict with the other translations. 3,442 more words


A Stitch of Literature

Ever read through a story in Scripture and go, “Wait, what? That doesn’t sound right.”  Well, you may often do that in Judges.  If you consider what it took to write this book, the task would seem impossible. 831 more words

Biblical Interpretation

A Textual Commentary on the Greek New Testament (UBS4): 2nd Revised Edition by Bruce Metzger

In the past few months I have been fascinated by the study of textual criticism. To see how men are actively reviewing the manuscripts of the Bible to determine what was originally written has opened up to me a new appreciation for the Word of God. 386 more words

Bible Studies

Manuscripts of The Bible and Textual Criticism

The Bible is a collection of ancient manuscripts of the original texts passed down through history. Scholars gather, compile, translate, research and compare all discovered manuscripts and support texts to determine the original biblical texts. 4,337 more words


The Practice of Textual Criticism to Determine the Original Reading

Don Wilkins

Collecting manuscript evidence is a laborious process, but it is a straightforward in comparison to the evaluation process. In the collection process, the goal is to gather as much evidence as possible concerning various readings of a specific text. 18,054 more words

Is The King James The Best Translation?

There is a belief in fundamentalist Christian groups that the King James Bible is the most reliable biblical text and some even claim it is the only true Bible translation. 2,361 more words


William Petersen on the Concept of an "Original" Text

William Peterson (1950 – 2006) was one of the most erudite scholars when it came to New Testament textual criticism. He was probably best-known as one of the world’s leading experts on Tatian’s  1,251 more words

Textual Criticism