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Edward D. Andrews

As we have noted elsewhere, the textual scholar looks at two forms of evidence: external (manuscripts) and internal (what the author or scribe wrote). 11,782 more words

NT Textual Criticism

The Original or Earliest Text of the New Testament

Edward D. Andrews

This chapter may be somewhat controversial because many modern textual scholars are not certain that we can get back to the original text. 17,385 more words


Edward D. Andrews

In the above is an image of five Nomina Sacra, the first four being divine names and the first four of the fifteen known. 6,308 more words

NT Textual Criticism

The Reading Culture of Early Christianity and Their View of the Integrity of the Greek New Testament

Edward D. Andrews

There is evidence of universality in the early orthodox Christian manuscripts. While the elite of the Roman society preferred the roll or scroll for their pagan literature, the Christian preferred the codex book form. 15,503 more words

NT Textual Criticism

A Torpedo in the Hold: Roman Catholic Involvement in the Text-Critical Industry

Jerusalem Blade from the Puritan Board:

Now we get to a different aspect of the matter. One that is not often brought into the discussion. E.R., to answer you directly, No, I do not charge or insinuate “non-KJV users with Roman Catholic tendencies”! 770 more words

Scholar-Jerusalem Blade

"Judgment seat of God" or "Judgment seat of Christ"? Exploring the variant readings of Romans 14:10

Romans 14:10 (Stephens 1550 GNT) συ δε τι κρινεις τον αδελφον σου η και συ τι εξουθενεις τον αδελφον σου παντες γαρ παραστησομεθα τω βηματι του χριστου 1,897 more words

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Bart Ehrman's Book - Misquoting Jesus or Misquoting Truth?

One person who challenged my faith in the Bible was former evangelical scholar Bart Ehrman who became agnostic. He studied New Testament manuscripts and questioned their reliability. 949 more words

Textual Criticism