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Heroes: Erasmus

Yesterday, I discussed how Poliziano discovered the principles of textual criticism . In other words, he found out how scholars might reconstruct texts of ancient authors. 190 more words


Heroes: from Poliziano to Lachmann

Yesterday, I told about Angelo Poliziano, the man who realized that ancient sources are sometimes dependent on each other and should be dealt with accordingly: the original source can be used, the secondary text can be eliminated. 136 more words


Does The Bible Contain Mistakes And Contradictions?

By Pastor Bruce K. Oyen, First Baptist Church, Spearfish, SD

DOES THE BIBLE CONTAIN MISTAKES AND CONTRADICTIONS? A common answer to this question is, “Yes, of course it does!” But many times this opinion about the Bible is not based on firsthand knowledge of the Bible, but on secondhand knowledge of it. 390 more words

Bible Doctrine

Sunday Book-Thought 22

The author who is always free to continue to revise is also free by an act of will to close the process of revision, which he does by publishing or otherwise leaving the text. 39 more words


Reasons for Holding the Unity of Isaiah

Isaiah is the theological masterpiece of the Old Testament. It is in Isaiah that one finds the powerful so-called “Servant Songs” which address the future Messiah. 974 more words


Introducing An Alternative Blog: A Skeptic's Bible Studies

After giving this matter some thought, I have decided to create a topic specific blog as an alternative to my ahumanistsperspective.wordpress.com site. Now, by no means will I abandon my Humanists Perspective site, for such is and will remain a viable outlet for my thoughts and writings. 474 more words