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Sunday Book-Thought 63

Fakes are, as said, an incessant and serious challenge to attribution studies. No one should get involved in the field who does not have inbuilt antennae for spotting them. 177 more words


The Trojan Horse of Christianity Pt. 2

The second issue of the Trojan Horse of Christianity is Scholars.

We bow to scholars who are not saved.

My edition of Logos (Logos Bronze) came with writings by Kirsopp Lake, who is a theological liberal. 661 more words


The Original Biblical Writings

It is true that we may not currently have the original writings of the Prophets and Apostles BUT when researching the accounts from the early church teachers we can say that there exists a real possibility that we actual may have, if not the originals, first or second generation copies of the originals.  2,921 more words

The Bible

Why I couldn’t Sign the Online Petition for Inerrancy

A few years ago, I ran across the statement of Inerrancy on the internet… somewhere. I can’t remember exactly where.

But the statement was a very short statement of “I believe the Bible is inspired, inerrant and complete in the original manuscripts…” … 777 more words


Why We Believe (2)


I thought it would be interesting and encouraging to ask fellow believers in Christ why they personally believe what they do. Below is part two (see… 2,059 more words


Say Something Once, Why Say it Again? A New Edition of the Odyssey

So, a few days ago I received in the mail the first Classical text I have ever pre-ordered (by almost a year): M. L. West’s new Teubner edition of the  539 more words


Is Matthew 28.19 Authentic or a Forgery?

I attached the screenshot of Codex Sinaiticus and highlighted the Matthew 28:19 passage. Codex Sinaiticus is an Alexandrian text-type document written and published during the 4th century. 213 more words

Textual Criticism