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Photo Profile Updated: Well Placed – Woodpecker

It takes an opportunity to find the right place, but it takes plenty of talent to have the right temperament/approach in maintaining that place; it demonstrates the difference between Talent & Fluke. 13 more words


JUN 20 : 171/365

I loved you with texture.

You loved with a softness.

Texture brought detail, softness brought folds.

Folds brought creases and creases had secrets.

― Dominic Riccitello


Japan Part 3 - Ukiyoe, the world of Woodblock Prints

I was already familiar with Japanese woodblock prints as an art form before my most recent trip to Japan, but seeing them again in specialist shops in Tokyo and Kyoto inspired me to think about how I might go about emulating the particular look of a wood block print based on a photograph. 323 more words



June gloom reflected; Newport Beach, California


Photo Profile Updated: High Three?

In the U.S. the traditional greeting is with the “High Five”. Some have adapted the greeting but in peculiar ways :-)

Link to the original photograph here