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Some catch up

I have been… distracted in the last week >.> getting back on to some projects.

Firstly a model I started some time ago but never got round to finishing, I added the last few model pieces today, I will begin to UV map it ready for texturing hopefully this week… 39 more words

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Minor updates

Just a couple of pieces today, blame GTA >.>

Firstly a chainlink texture, setting up the pattern took me a few tries, getting it positioned in my head, I kind of feel it would have been much faster to create the base link in photoshop but that would defeat the point of me working it in substance designer. 28 more words

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Boring and less boring...

So the first thing I had to work on today was some carpet, the cheap kind that they put everywhere they don’t care about, so it can be replaced easily if some kid pukes on it, as kids do.. 140 more words

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Quick floor tiles

This was a relatively quick material to throw together, the pattern itself is super simple¬†and I didn’t want to include too much damage / wear, infact I think the most time was spent on the gradients in the tile colours. 31 more words

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Putting together some walls

To recreate the appearance from the original build I needed to compile a wood facade onto some old wallpaper.
This time around, I created a plaster wall, an appropriate wallpaper, and the facade. 39 more words

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Ceiling Tile progress

I’m at the point where I feel this is a good base for when I need to move it onto a model, I have switches in place for adjusting the lights, vents, dirt and overall tile numbers, I have no doubt I’ll work it further when it comes time to use it, but there are things I won’t know I need till I come to use it.

(click to enlarge)

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Texture in progress

Another texture for the project coming along, this time office ceiling tiles.
For the base texture, I’ll be sorting some kind of extraction fan to appear on a random tile. 64 more words

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